Saturday, May 4, 2013

Peaceful Co-Existence Inside and Outside Family


Even if you don't have diverse neighbors and friends, just a little perusing inside a few family magazines and sites makes so clear how much we all have in common and how we can help our children to be true to themselves and still respect others.

Also see the current issue of the long-standing American Magaine, "Parenting" for the following.  I applaud "Parenting" magazine for publishing this article and the author, Dr. Aliya Hasan for writing the same: 

Some crucial points are made in the article above on raising children with gentleness, love and forgiveness.  At the same time, there may be one or two assumptions about South Asia.  From what I've been learning about Pakistan and Bangladeshi for example -- there are plenty of amazing families and family teachings on mercy and love just like everywhere else.

Maybe you'll add your own sites, references and opinions on family?