Saturday, December 12, 2009

Can't Hide Now: Blackwater, Contractors & Related

Watch for more here on ongoing on this site and references listed. Fortunately, the world over, reliable witnesses are watching. Of course there will be some damage control.

Watch for plenty of change in disguises, including more "dressing like"
US military as well as disguises with other cooperating nations.

But a rose or a skunk by any other name still lets off a peculiar and unmistakable odor which in this case is neither pretty nor good for anyone's well-being. (Including the war criminal). Yes, I hope some of you young and old contractors and the like have a change of heart, mind, soul and GET out before you forever regret how you've sold yourselves and ruined so many lives. If so, you can make amends and turn around with help from your highest SOURCE and people who care. You can give your life to doing the right thing and helping a cause in the RIGHT way.

No matter how corrupt and murderous an "enemy" is no invitation to become the same.

While the exact details have yet to be sorted out...more and more reports are pouring in. This item below relates older and unknown details and is quite comprehensive...let's see how the details are corroborated or adapted in days ahead.

Talking Points Memo (TPM)

Blackwater Predator Missile-Load Contract Ending


Visit TPM here

Also see Jeremy Scahill (who's being informed by MANY unnamed authorities who should know)- Find him in his Rebel Reports, The Nation, Facebook - really ALL over now

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