Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arar v. Ashcroft (The Maher Arar Petition)

The CCR (The Center for Constitutional Rights) has prepared this video of Maria LaHood talking about the case and what is at stake with the petition to the Supreme Court: here

Does anyone have any thoughts about how it could be circulated to a wider audience?

You can also find the amicus briefs submitted on our case page, if you are interested: here (you scroll down to the bottom and they are under the section entitled: U.S. Supreme Court - Amici Curiae Briefs in Support of Petition for Certiorari and here is CCR’s press release: here

As you may know, the Obama Administration has not yet taken a formal position in court on Maher Arar’s case Arar v. Ashcroft. We had thought they would respond on March 5. That deadline was extended until April 5. This is when we may see how they intend to deal with this case. I am traveling next week but will keep everyone in the loop.

I appreciate all the work each of you do to end torture and fight for accountability. If anyone has any ideas on how your organization might be able to draw attention to this case please be in touch.



Laura Raymond | Education and Outreach | Center for Constitutional Rights

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