Friday, January 14, 2011

Effects of Solitary Confinement: Stephen Soldz Interviewed on Russia Today & Related

The following interview and other items by Soldz speaks to Solitary Confinement anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the US is one of the worst offenders and yet we are not alone. Each society, nation and citizen who's conscience is touched by this manner of inhumanity would do well to reflect on this situation and speak up with courtesy along with resolve wherever prudent and possible. Find the interview here and other articles by Soldz here

Also read Stephen Soldz in the book just out: - The United States and Torture - Edited by Marjorie Cohn New York University Press ISBN 978-0-8147-1732-5 His chapter is: "Psychologists, Torture and Civil Society".

Soldz is a hero among the few professionals who've taken a stand against US War Crimes. Such heroes can help save our societies and our worlds - especially as more and more citizens follow their lead instead of joining the crowds who are either silent or who condone those who deride the same.

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  1. Plz be sure to read recent comments by Stephen Soldz on the new vice-president of Egypt. This was posted on Common Dreams a few days ago as it has been other places. Soldz is an expert on torture and human rights by way of experience with and study of The American Psychological Association (APA). He's written over 80 articles on that topic - carefully corroborated and researched.