Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No more Torture accepted in the name of so-called "Intelligence"

If you are from a country outside America, do YOUR people and our's a favor: HOLD U.S. RESPONSIBLE for US misdeeds. This is the only way there will be peace and justice worldwide. The US has been allowed to be "cowboys" running wild in the world too long.

YOUR nation does not do the Americans any favor by allowing US abuses to get a mere spanking and then continue to let this criminal nation off the hook!

Here's an older Human Rights Report showing how Europe has been involved in torture.

Of course, US involvement in the use of torture, intimidation, isolation (even with out charge or fair judicial trial) has taken an unfortunate lead over many years and there's quite a bit of debate as to whether or not this is still ongoing. But in my research - it is.

Part of the way the US leadership or "outsourcing" of torture and war crimes may well be continuing are as follow:

There are now military-connected ships (may be even disguised as other kinds of ships) where detainees are on board out of territories more likely to be considered vulnerable to prosecution.

There may well be other torture cells/prisons where such abuses continue outside of Gitmo and in prisons/cells where the US has been or is currently engaged in some manner of occupation.

The cooperation of torture activity and related continue, unfortunately by US cooperation with other nations considered allies and partners.

Renditions and extra-judicial renditions still continue from a number of sources. These would be fairly easy to search for online.

Fortunately, these abuses are becoming somewhat easier to hide due to the various movements by the people in Tunisia and Egypt. Often, these abuses continue under the auspices of two-nations - including often the US. YET, the US has had a practice since the former G W Bush regime - and likely longer - of faulting these "partners and allies" for human rights abuses without admitting to America's own larger schemes.

Since there has been no effective exposure nor indictment of the "torture lawyers" who operated under former US President G W Bush (and several are thought to still be retained in the US government in some capacity), nor has Rumsfeld and many other designers of torture been called

In Egypt, some major steps have been taken toward human rights which are a huge lesson for our US pseudo-democracy. At the same time, few know how involved current Egyptian vice-president (or spokesman?) has been in activities related to torture and in order for true human rights to exist - this must be brought out and admitted as well as dramatically changed.

Of course, as always these days, the US is the most notorious bully and torturer and there is so much that must be changed in America before human rights advocates will have the integrity needed to address these abuses elsewhere.

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  1. I probably should have put it in title as "No more torture accepted in name of intelligence" and so I just corrected this.

    Meantime, there was a comment under this post which disturbs me and seems anonymous which I usually don't accept.

    Nevertheless here are what the poster of the comment asserts as fact:

    the Churchill killed 22 millions in 65 years in the colonies (and later says that there were " 90-100 million killed" over time in the colonies)and suggest those interested google, "CRIMES OF WINSTON CHURCHILL". The commenter suggest I write about the barbaric crimes of Churchill who they state "plundered the economic resources of the whole world for 400 years...(and) "looted Irish Science" -

    For reasons of very limited time and need to focus, I will probably only attend to current events and there connections elsewhere but I will try to look up these facts one of these days soon.