Thursday, May 5, 2011

John Ashcroft Time-Line on Abdullah al-Kidd & Related

SEE item as of May 5, 2011 here

Andy Worthington Osoma Bin Laden's Death and the Unjustifiable Defense of Torture and Gitmo here

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Be sure to take a scroll, at least, at the shocking background of Ashcroft just below and the questioning of presidential sanity in doing nothing to block the RE-hiring of the outlaw Blackwater/Xe company...


Here's another on same case - with more reasons as to why it's counter-productive to torture here


  1. In case you did not see it, former GTMO guard Brandon Neely appeared last night in the Piers Morgan show describing abuse at the base, opposing torture, and pointing out that a Texan sheriff was prosecuted under Reagan for waterboarding a suspect.

    Here's a YouTube link to his segment (3 mins or so):

    Proud to say I was able to facilitate the interview. . .

    From Almerindo

    Almerindo E. Ojeda, Director
    Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas
    University of California at Davis

    Thursday, May 05, 2011

  2. Others who've posted on the recent Ashcroft stories or related: Mr or Dr. Nasir Khan is an academician/writer who is from Kashmir and living in Norway. His publications look very interesting indeed. Jessica Pieklo is a former litigator turned writer/teacher

    Comments on Ackerman's article - Wired - have grown to around 560! (US National Public Radio) is unfortunately quite watered-down on this Ashcroft story as was their interview with John Negroponte right after the alleged taking out of OBL. They are not always quite this superficial and hopefully, many of us will call in our protests and/or suggest we hold back our monthly contributions until better journalism?
    Or what would you suggest?

  3. See Glen Greenwald "The Illogical Torture Debate"