Saturday, June 18, 2011

Europe's only Muslim state gave Jews Refuge

A portrait of King Lekka, son of Albania’s King Zog, who helped rescue Jews including the family of Fritzi Weitzmann Owens is included in an exhibition by American photographer Norman Gershman called ‘Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews In World War II.”Photo Courtesy of Norman Gershman
Thousands of Jews found refuge in Europe's only Muslim state, where an ancient honor code saw all as guests.

Albania's Untold Story By Heba Aly, Contributor / January 31, 2011 Christian Science Monitor (Often called "The Monitor" and published weekly)

Fritzi Weitzmann Owens came from a "cultured city." So in 1938, when Hitler's invasion of Austria forced her to flee her native Vienna, Albania – "a backwards country," as far as she was concerned – wasn't her family's first choice.Skip to next paragraph Fritzi Weitzmann Owens displays photo albums from her time in Albania at her New York home. Her family fled Vienna with the help of Albanian King Zog (shown in album, bottom right) to escape Nazi rule. The family became the official royal photographers. FIND full article here

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