Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rendition Links (As of Early September 2011)

One way the USA demonstrates the desire for far more than freeing the world of terror is the nearly complete lack of accountability in extraordinary renditions and accompanying torture. This looks like empire mentality along with plain greed for oil and other resources including location. (Which becomes a kind of Crusade once again.)

The following renditions --atrocities and illegal movements to capture (or kidnap) people not even charged yet considered or "used" as "suspects" -- implicates well-known and not-so-well-known airlines and planes. Some of which is coming into focus because of a recent court trial...
(Be sure to see links on right side for international references)
(Andy Worthington on insider)
(by key leader of Inter-religious activists against torture)
(North Carolina Link)

Civilian Contractors own site:

Misc. earlier items:

September 01 2011 or late August: SEE list of corporations
including Boeing on top

Fayetteville (may have interesting comments?)

August 2011 yet some refer to current concerns or may be earlier:
(See Andy's links to UN reports he helped make and to one by HRW)

Obama's acceptance of torture, renditions:

Interesting use of commentary while not our usual source:

The Guardian Aug. 31 2011

More North Carolina items some MUCH earlier:

Older for record:
(I suspect this one will be updated soon?)

And of course, the State of the Art on State Activism re. torture, ER
and related (keep coming back for more)

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