Monday, December 19, 2011

Gutsy Silent Angels Want Peace in Mexico

Raymundo Aguirre for NPR

After 20 minutes of silent witness, the angels gather around a group of neighbors and pray with them for employment, for better living conditions, for salvation from sin, and for an end to the murders.

With their silver makeup complete, the young people pile into a decrepit green van nicknamed "the weenie," and make their way to the first stop of the day. Their wings are strapped on the roof.

The van pulls up in front of a supermarket at a busy intersection.

The angels, well rehearsed, take their positions on street corners and medians. They stand on folding chairs in long white robes, so that they look like giants...

READ more on for December 19, 2011 here or GO here to listen to the 6 minute story.

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  1. I just wanted to mention this recent article about Archbishop Desmond Tutu's special work with the elders and their writing of a letter to their younger selves. Also note that he has recently written a book called: "Made for Goodness" -- when I noticed his book called " No Future Without Forgiveness" I couldn't help but realize how sad that my nation is so afraid to say the word 'I am sorry' to the many tragedies caused in so-called self-defense. Maybe 2012 will be different for us all as we take even that FIRST step back to recognize our powerless over all our addictions and our need for Divine grace as nations and as individuals. Desmond Tutu Writes a Letter to his Younger Self