Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friends Committee on National Legislation (USA) on Iran

Diplomacy—Not War—With Iran!

Now that the House has passed an indiscriminate and anti-diplomacy sanctions bill, FCNL will be stepping up its lobbying focus on the Senate, where additional Iran sanctions legislation is expected to move early in 2012.

Join the effort by using FCNL's "Diplomacy—Not War—With Iran!" postcards in your lobby visits, or sending them to FCNL, so that we can hand deliver your postcards to your Senator's office. Order free postcards for your meeting or group, or print your own.

See a very short post on FCNL and The Friends (Quakers) at oneheartforpeace.

For ways you may want to be involved GO to fcnl.org/issues/iran/ .

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  1. Be sure to see the Thursday February 2, 2012 UPDATE under the item on Iran and action towards diplomacy instead of war drumming on oneheartforpeace.blogspot.com