Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Self Same Sky

There are deadly elements among us which seek to spread misinformation through many means. Some of these vehicles are: poorly-informed films, books and articles;
MISINFORMATION or HALF-LIES in media and social networking; reporters and journalists who don't do their own independent work and research; destructive sites who's only INTENT is to fan sensationalism and/or hatred or to appear to themselves or others as superior than all other groups; video games sold for greed only and/or to raise up the next generation of warmongers or recruits for our various wars; and of course political leaders who often seek a position of power or fame by catering to the lowest denominator of a voting block.

SADLY, many of our religious spokespersons and our teachers -- who especially should know better -- are inflaming misunderstanding, prejudging and helping create over time our little and big wars. These and other groups are spewing HATRED over our airways, in various meeting places and from streets, pubs, schools and hand-outs all over the globe.

There is NO religious, political or philosophical group without responsibility in this death and life matter -- not anywhere in the world. IF we really looked at our own nation, group and context for some of these problems, we would be shocked and perhaps hesitate to judge other entire groups again.

How obvious that many of the falsely-informed and the hate-filled extremists are quoted for an entire region, religion or race. Look at what's behind those who seek to clutter and pollute our world with such poison and STOP to consider the source.

Let's let PEACE begun at HOME. Let's forsake any contribution in these destructive wars and that which would fan another crusade.

Let's ALL take responsibility for the peace. Why can't we see that from one perspective, the community which wants love and peace to reign IS the community of us ALL.

Let's inform ourselves, make amends and end hate among our family, friends, spiritual houses of worship and among our contacts on and offline...from where we are NOW...we are not going to do so perfectly...but WE CAN BEGIN NOW...

To begin, go to the proper sources for your information. First of all, seek accurate information about other places and histories. Look at things from a different perspective than you've always done. Often it's fear of letting go long-held prejudices or our sometimes fear-based theologies and outlooks that prevent u from doing so...What about starting with another sort of map or an interesting geographic
This Mapparium (a spherical stained glass room) in Boston was designed to allow the countries of the world to be viewed in accurate geographical relationship to each other. It is usually assumed that a globe solves this problem; but since it is viewed from the outside, different parts of the globe are at different distances from the eye and are thus distorted by perspective.

Here are some other suggestions:

Innocence of Muslims is a 2012 American religious and political film that allegedly triggered the September 11, 2012 storming of the United States Embassy in Cairo here

Does Islam tolerate the killing of innocents? Myths here

Cal Astrin of Fairfax, Va. asks: Is there something within Islam that justifies the killing of innocents (any more than any other sacred scripture or belief system?) GO here

Islam does not tolerate the killing of innocents CLICK here

Last but not least, GO to The WORLD WITHOUT HATE website -- CLICK here and join the movement for such a world. Now more than ever we need to be conveyers of love and truth. The founder of the World Without Hate movement, Rais Bhuiyan was himself attacked by a hate crime and responded by forgiving and inspiring life-giving ways to respond to destructive acts.

WHY NOT? What do we have to lose? What might we gain? How might the legacy we leave to our children and world improve?

The map image above -- interactive from the INSIDE -- speaks to each of us taking on NEW perspectives and making LOVE not hate an INSIDE job.

The site where I found this image is a bulletin-board collage -- the most interesting site I found in a very short search -- where users pin-up what they like in a random way. There are a wide variety of map-related items -- some quite interesting -- some rather counter-productive and misled. So neither do I -- nor does the host of this site -- endorse or even reflect on every pinned-up item.

Plz use only what is good for you and the planet.) To see this site GO to here



  2. The wallwritings help a little but we need something else for understanding and counter-violent responses. What helps you?