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Important Updates on Gaza (Beit Sahour)

Be sure to notice the qualifiers & concerns about the Hamas securities rights abuses below...see that all the Palestinian issues are not based on Islam while some certainly are...

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Today, Jewish settlers came to Beit Sahour to look over the area they want to build the new settlement/colony on. Last night, settlers tried to burn a Palestinian family home in Tequa. This week, Israeli ministers give speeches that says they support new settlements and expanding existing colonial settlements. The Jewish state's finance minister even admitted doubling the financial support for these settlements built on stolen native Palestinian lands. The last few days there was an escalation of the Israeli bombing raids in Gaza.

US-made airplanes, paid for by US taxpayers, and painted with the star of David, were used to kill several Palestinian civilians and at least two Palestinian militants (extrajudicial assassinations).

Israeli occupation forces are threatening more strikes and
more colonialism. Many Palestinians were relieved to see Obama win the US presidency and some 80% of Arab Americans voted for him. But Obama said nothing about these atrocities since his election.

The US position is what it is and will change only when more Americans are made aware of the Zionist damage to US public and economic interests.

The Israeli position is also predictable until more Israelis can transcend their brainwashing. What is less understandable and more disturbing is that we still hear the same rhetoric from the two "Palestinian authorities" which have no authorities and whose terms in office expired nearly three years ago: Hamas in Gaza and Fatah in the West Bank. Some "leaders" of these factions reserve their most bitter verbal and even physical attacks against the other faction or anyone who might question the status quo.

Hamas "security" beat women in Gaza protesting for unity and Fatah
"security" regularly arrest and imprison Hamas activists in the West Bank or even normal ordinary citizens who they suspect are not agreeing to their policies. This included one of my own students who missed important lectures as he was being questioned by fellow Palestinians.

Absent a reasonably responsible leadership that puts the Palestinian cause ahead of factional and financial interests, this leaves most Palestinians desperate and frustrated. Decent people are in all Palestinian factions but they are afraid to speak out within their own faction. But then again, I say the Palestinians need to stop looking for salvation from current leaders, from Obama, from the Arab Spring or from anyone else.

The 1936 uprising started when the young people took to the streets despite the bickering Nashashibis vs Husseinis of that era. It is time to do what young people have always done: depend on themselves unencumbered by the baggage carried by the older generation. I see this spirit in the young when I browse facebook pages in Palestine. We need to only put our own necks out and also help our children show courage to liberate us all from the corruption that has become like an illness spread among families and among factions. History will not be kind to those of us who join the corruption nor will it be kind to those who are apathetic and sit and wait.

*Relevant links for today:*

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What Zionism means to Uri Zakheim

Israel is responsible for "price tag" attacks, not just a few settler
extremists Philip Bato

Israel Doubles West Bank Settlements Budget

Palestinian Fighter killed In Gaza, Seven Palestinians Killed Since
Saturday Evening http://www.imemc.org/article/64539

The Rothschild family wealth was critical in the formation of Israel.
Money still directs interests of wealth Zionist leaders who profit while poor Israelis and millions of Palestinians suffer. For a background on the family, see http://youtu.be/DYCCB0Q7xUw

Still having "joyful participation in the worries of this world" and
inviting you to come visit us in Bethlehem, the birthplace of the prince of peace

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
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  1. You may also want to see the post here:


    (for 12 Nov 2012) -- it's a list of highly-respected Palestinian Christian leaders speaking in support of Palestinians rightful place at the UN...

  2. Stream of news bites and photos (each item would need corroboration to be able to make much out of each one, of course.)
    The photos certainly indicate trouble and horrific suffering.


  3. Due to a wide-spread hacking (don't open links with strange topics like jobs & words like hey and auto-delievered itmes plz..hacking seems to be wide-spread among activists this am, nov 15, 2012

    So, I will be putting some items here not easy to safely get out here even while they are not all specifically of Gaza...

    From: Bill Quigley

    Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2012 10:21 AM
    Subject: SOA Watch Meets with White House Deputy National Security Adviser: Lessons Learned -- SOA Watch Meets with White House Deputy National Security Adviser: Lessons Learned

    (Bill teaches law at Loyola University New Orleans, serves as Associate Legal Director for the Center for Constitutional Rights and is a longtime member of the SOA Watch legal collective. You can reach Bill at quigley77@gmail.com )

    Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Adviser to President Obama, met with a delegation from the SOA Watch movement in Washington DC on November 13, 2012.

    SOA Watch worked hard to meet with McDonough because he is a critical aide to the President and he has a deep Catholic justice background. A grad of College of St. Benedict and Georgetown, Denis comes from a big Catholic family which includes two priests.

    Participating for SOA Watch were Congress Representative James McGovern, Father Roy Bourgeois, Adrianna Portillo-Bartow, Sister Marie Lucey, Father Charles Currie and Bill Quigley.

    McDonough admitted he has in the past been a supporter of SOA-WHINSEC but wanted to hear more from the movement. Family members and even former teachers have talked to him about closing the school.

    Representative McGovern told him the US underestimates how much of a bad symbol the school is in Latin America. On a recent visit to rural Colombia, grassroots people challenged the US commitment to human rights because of the continued operation of the school. The school is a symbol of all that is wrong with US policy in Latin America.

    McDonough did not know and was concerned when McGovern told him the Department of Defense was stonewalling and not releasing the names of the students attending SOA-WHINSEC for the last several years.

    Adrianna Portillo-Barrow told McDonough how troops in Guatemala, directed by SOA graduates, executed six members of her family including her 9 and 10 year old daughters. Hundreds of thousands disappeared at the direction of SOA grads. In Latin America, she said, the SOA-WHINSEC is a symbol of horror, pain and suffering and there is deep resentment that it remains open and unaccountable.

    Father Roy, Sister Lucey, Father Currie and Bill Quigley highlighted for McDonough: A powerful letter from the UAW calling for the school to be closed; A multi-page list of religious, labor and human rights organizations supporting the movement;
    That 6 countries have pulled their soldiers out of the school;
    That 140 catholic bishops in Latin America and even more in the US call for its closure; 69 members of Congress have asked the President to close SOA-WHINSEC; and Four of the generals responsible for the 2009 coup in Honduras were SOA grads.

  4. Many are being hacked right now...change passwords...don't click on strange links & emails even when they purport to come from friends. Stay tuned on blogs & alternative ways...and phones...

    http://news.yahoo.com/video/netanyahu-israel-whatever-action-necessary-150642298.html (war drumming from Netanyahu, claiming Obama's support...we must flood the president's phone line and all of US congress saying this is a terrible mistake...this is not the time to support Netanyahu over the horrifically suffering people of Gaza...this is so like the criminal actions of the Nazis...

    Also, right now there are live hearings on the Benghazi fiasco:

  5. KEEP checking the comments under recent posts at:

    ONE Heart for Peace...

  6. Meca for Peace dot org is a wonderfully effective group featuring Palistinian art and supporting successfully education for Palestinian students. Keep updated here with emergency protests against Israel's invasion of Gaza with reports from the ground...

    Also note that there is now a new Online Store of Palestinian crafts which you can buy for the holidays -- thereby supporting Palestinians in a most practical way and spreading the word via your loved ones:


    Recent Interview with Noam Chomsky who recently visited Gaza...
    this interview includes the Two Positiives of Election 2012:
    GO here:

    http://www.democracynow.org/2012/11/14/noam_chomsky_on_gaza_and_the Chomsky (the 2 positives of Election 2012)