Monday, March 15, 2010

“Honor the Image of God…Stop torture Now”

Sunday March 21, 2010… 12:30 a DEDICATION OF THE BANNER “HONOR THE IMAGE OF GOD, STOP TORTURE NOW” Let us say as a community “No to Torture”!!

Where: the CHURCH OF RECONCILIATION (PCUSA) Presbyterian Church, USA.


Who: Worshippers from the Church of Reconciliation and others will gather in the Parking lot below where this banner is hung and reflect again on the tragic experiences of torture

Rev. Mark Davidson, Church Pastor, Rev Robert Seymour , Pastor emeritus at Binkley Baptist Church and Steve Edelstein,Esq, Attorney and member of NC Stop torture Now, will offer comment s at this Dedication



North Carolina Stop Torture Now regrets to report our disappointment with the first year of the Obama Administration. On human rights, thus far, the Administration has offered a blend of promising rhetoric and frightening actions. This administration continues to actively prevent accountability for past crimes by concealing evidence of the abuses of “disappearance” and torture under the Bush Administration. Indeed, the current Administration has hardened the stance that detainees in the so-called “war on terror” lack constitutional and human rights.

These actions further alienate the U.S. from the Muslim world, and ensure an inexhaustible supply of those willing to lay down their lives to attack us.

Holding torturers accountable is a key element of securing U.S. citizens' safety, reclaiming our national integrity, and rejoining the global community with a commitment to protect, enhance, and expand human rights.

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  1. From Chuck Fager of Quaker House fame:

    Not going to Washington this weekend? Still want to mark the seventh anniversary of the Iraq invasion?

    Join us in Fayetteville for a peace vigil and rally at the Market House downtown, 1-4 pm

    Great Weather for a Peace Vigil/Rally!

    Yes! The forecast for Fayetteville March 20 is for mostly sunny with a high of 69 degrees. Perfect conditions for a peace rally.**

    Come join us -- and Spread the Word

    **Besides, even if it did rain, the Market House has a covered atrium where we could carry on, snug and dry. So we're on, rain or shine.

    There's more about this vigil/rally at our blog:

    And on our Facebook page:!/event.php?eid=335219957819&ref=ts