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RIGHTS ROUND-UP (Thru March 16th)

RIGHTS & The Constitution

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(these from 16th are updated here - look for more RIGHTS ROUND-UP SOON)

Mar 16, 2010, Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post, Obama weighs in on 'Sunshine Week'

Mar 16, 2010, Daniel Nasaw, Guardian (UK), FBI using Facebook in fight against crime

Mar 15, 2010, Cary Fraser, TruthOut, Torture and the Imperial Presidency

Mar 15, 2010, David Kravets, Wired, Secret Document Calls Wikileaks ‘Threat’ to U.S. Army

Mar 15, 2010, Spencer Ackerman, Washington Independent, More McCarthyism From Liz Cheney’s Crew

Mar 15, 2010, Emptywheel, The Torture Apologists Ratchet Up the Attack

Mar 15, 2010, Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Salon Radio: Manipulative use of the term "Terrorism"

Mar 15, 2010, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, Report Faults U.S.’s Efforts at Transparency

Mar 15, 2010, Eugene R Fidell, Politico, Why New York's the right place to try Sept. 11 cases

Mar 14, 2010, Agence France-Presse, Justice Department witchhunt backfires in US

Mar 14, 2010, Andy Worthington, TruthOut, What Torture Is and Why It's Illegal and Not "Poor Judgement"

Mar 12, 2010, Spencer Ackerman, Washington Independent, Sen. Sessions Wants Indefinite Detention for Terrorism Detainees

Mar 12, 2010, Zachary Roth, TPMMuckraker, In Face-Saving Move, Arpaio Withdraws Lawsuit Against Supervisors

Mar 12, 2010, Nicholas Sabloff, Huffington Post, Rove: Im 'Proud' Of Waterboarding

Mar 11, 2010, James Vicini, Reuters, Guantanamo prisoner known as Hambali seeks release

Mar 11, 2010, Gabe Joselow, Voice of America News, US Accused of Human Rights Violations

Mar 11, 2010, David Frakt, TruthOut, In Praise of the Gitmo Bar

Mar 11, 2010, Mike Masnick, TechDirt, Where's The Outrage Over The Gov't Brushing Mass Privacy Violations Under The Rug?

Mar 11, 2010, ACLU, ACLU Demands Disclosure of Basic Facts About Bagram Detainees

Mar 10, 2010, James Zhao, Daily Californian (UC Berkeley), Protesters Assemble Outside Debate Moderated by Yoo

Mar 10, 2010, Spencer Ackerman, Washington Independent, The ‘Jihad Jane’ Case vs. Racial Profiling at Airports

Mar 10, 2010, National Whistleblowers Center, Whistleblower Advocates Oppose Senate Bill

Mar 10, 2010, Hsiang-Ching Tseng, Main Justice, Reversal on KSM Trial Could Undermine Holder, ACLU Says

Mar 10, 2010, Agence France-Presse, UN expert slams US for not looking into torture claims

Mar 9, 2010, David Rittgers, Cato at Liberty, The Case against Domestic Military Detention

Mar 9, 2010, RTT News, Leahy Calls On Obama To Make Nominations To Privacy And Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Mar 9, 2010, Editorial, Chicago Tribune, Gitmo defense?

Mar 9, 2010, David Swanson, Public Record, What Would Thomas Jefferson Do If He Were In John Yoo’s Position?

Mar 9, 2010, Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, 'Al-Qaeda 7' smear campaign is an assault on American values

Mar 8, 2010, Jason Leopold, TruthOut, A Campaign Promise Dies: Obama and Military Commissions

Mar 8, 2010, Daniel Tencer, Raw Story, Judge allows lawsuit against Rumsfeld over torture of US citizens

Mar 8, 2010, Gabriel Winant, Salon, Liz Cheney wants to save torture's good name (and her dad's)

Mar 8, 2010, Andy Thayer, Huffington Post, Court Allows Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld

Mar 8, 2010, Spencer Ackerman, Washington Independent, For Closing GTMO, Graham Says White House Needs … What It Already Has

Mar 8, 2010, Yana Kunichoff, TruthOut, Arizona to Criminalize Presence of Undocumented Immigrants

Mar 8, 2010, Tom Burghardt, Centre for Research on Globalization (Canada), Obama's National Cybersecurity Initiative: Privacy and Civil liberties are Damned

Mar 8, 2010, BBC News, Lawyers for Guantanamo six contest secret evidence plan

Mar 7, 2010, Agence France-Presse, Ad campaign urges Obama to hold firm on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial

Mar 6, 2010, Mike Robinson, Common Dreams, Ill. Judge Won't Toss Torture Suit Naming Rumsfeld

Mar 6, 2010, Agence France-Presse, US weighs Guantanamo inmate's return to Canada: report

Mar 5, 2010, Julian E. Barnes and Christi Parsons, Los Angeles Times, Quantcast Obama aides seek change of course on 9/11 trials

Mar 5, 2010, Justin Elliott, TPMMuckraker, ABA Blasts Liz Cheney Ad As 'Divisive And Diversionary'

Mar 5, 2010, Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post, Patriot Act doesn't override confidentiality in Census, Justice Department says

Mar 5, 2010, Tom Andrews, Huffington Post, No Deal on Gitmo: KSM Should Be Tried In Criminal Court

Mar 5, 2010, Mary Jacoby, Main Justice, KSM Trial Reversal Will Be ‘Death Blow’ to Obama DOJ, ACLU Says

Mar 5, 2010, Common Dreams, 9/11 Families Urge Obama to Keep Promise To Prosecute Khalid Sheik Mohammed in Civilian Court

Mar 5, 2010, William Fisher, TruthOut, Forgotten Bagram Prisoners Turn to US Courts

Mar 5, 2010, Glenn Greenwald, Salon, The WP: Obama close to reversing Holder on civilian trials

Mar 4, 2010, Valeria Fernandez, TruthOut, Detained Migrant Women Shackled During Childbirth

Mar 4, 2010, Robert Parry, Consortium News, Bush/Cheney Pulled Torture Strings

Mar 4, 2010, Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post, Justice Dept.: Census confidentiality laws trump the Patriot Act

Mar 4, 2010, Sunita Sohrabji,, Man Arrested at DNC Files Racial Profiling Suit

Mar 4, 2010, Spencer Ackerman, Fire Dog Lake, What If We Skipped The Prosecutions And Went Right To Indefinite Detention Without Charge

Mar 4, 2010, David Needle, eSecurity Planet, Cybercrime Challenges National Security, Civil Liberties

Mar 4, 2010, Adam Serwer, TAPPED: Blog of The American Prospect, Why They Don't Want To Call It Torture

Mar 4, 2010, Jeffrey Kaye, TruthOut, Waterboarding Too Dangerous, Internal DoD Memo Reveals

Mar 3, 2010, Adam Serwer, American Prospect, The New McCarthyism

Mar 3, 2010, Evan Perez, Wall Street Journal, House Passes Resolution Calling Austin Attack "Terrorism"

Mar 3, 2010, Andrea Farkas,, Big Brother database entering Austin

Mar 3, 2010, Julian Sanchez, American Prospect, Obama, Congress Wink at Massive Surveillance Abuses

Mar 3, 2010, Charlie Savage, New York Times, Senator Proposes Deal on Handling of Detainees

Mar 3, 2010, William Fisher, Inter Press Service, Habeas Challenges For Bagram Prisoners

Mar 3, 2010, Washington Post, John Yoo: National security, executive power and the war on terrorism

Mar 3, 2010, Kenneth Roth, New York Times, Obama's Hesitant Embrace of Human Rights

Mar 2, 2010, Daphne Eviatar, Fire Dog Lake, Pressure Mounts on DOJ to Produce Missing E-Mails

Mar 2, 2010, Stephen Rohde, Los Angeles Daily Journal, The Torture Memo John Yoo Should Have Written

Mar 2, 2010, Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Genuine American exceptionalism on due process

Mar 2, 2010, Jenna Hiller, News 8 Austin (TX), Cameras, Fusion Center draw concern at city meeting

Mar 2, 2010, Steve Palmer, Tenth Amendment Center, It’s Up to the States and the People!

Mar 2, 2010, Alex Habighorst, The Reflector (Mississippi State University), Both parties fail to protect essential liberties

Mar 2, 2010, Warren Richey, TruthOut, Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal by Uighurs Held at Guantanamo

Mar 1, 2010, Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive, Military, Homeland Security, Spies on Planned Parenthood, Other Domestic Groups

Mar 1, 2010, Democracy Now!, Obama Signs Extension of PATRIOT Act

Mar 1, 2010, Common Dreams, Grassroots Constitutionalists Distressed by PATRIOT Extension

Mar 1, 2010, Justin Raimondo,, The Road to Dictatorship

Mar 1, 2010, William Astore, TruthOut, Yesterday's Dirty Harry Is Today's Bleeding Heart Liberal

Mar 1, 2010, Leonard S. Rubenstein and Stephen N. Xenakis, New York Times, Doctors Without Morals

Mar 1, 2010, Zachary Roth, TPMMuckraker, Yoo: OPR Probe Was A 'Farce'

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