Thursday, September 16, 2010

Background on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui case by American Journalist

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui to be Sentenced Thursday September 23rd in Judge Berman's Court

The following is posted here since an American writer-friend considered this kind of reporting to possibly get much needed American Media attention:

Petra Bartosiewicz' coverage covered the case before, during and after the trial.
(Her book "The Best Terrorists We Could Find" which includes the Siddiqui trial is due out just before the Sentencing date) See Petra's Bio which includes journalism awards here

Back Story

Beginning of the trial:
‘A Pakistani on Trial–With Pakistani Reporters Shut Out’

Trial through Day Eight (just before verdict)

Short video includes Petra Bartosiewicz shortly after verdict

For more on Petra's background and soon coming book that promises a section on Aafia, GO here; here

The Best Terrorists We Could Find: False Plots And Phantom Justice In A Post-9/11 World (Hardcover)by Petra Bartosiewicz(Author) and older Audio/radio episodes here Mother Jones article here and for more go to Petra's site here or simply here which includes her contact email address.

For much more on this case and the soon coming Sentencing Day in Judge Berman's Court, plz keep returning to oneheartforpeace and nomorecrusades which usually are quite easy to access simply with name of each blog in search engine.

Also, if for any reason I am unable to post at these sites, new items will most likely be posted here where, by the way, is probably the best chronology of this case up until fairly recent events.

More by other Journalists coming soon...


  1. I hope the american justice proves itself this the way,what are the expectations..?

  2. I sure agree with you! Judging by Eric Holder's bland comment expressing basically that his hands are tied, things look tough.

    As some of the writers on the family site, including Aafia's brother and a close family friend have said, we have to see our struggle for justice as for Dr. Aafia and also on behalf of many there's NO giving up no matter what.

    Sorry to be tied up on this case right now. There's so much more I want to get out. Is it ok with you for me to write for your blog after September 23rd? And thanx again, Syeda, for answering!

  3. It's alright for me Connie.You can do it at your ease.
    Many of the ppl in Pakistan think that Aafia is as good as lost.
    As there's an fantasy between ppl here,that Aafia was a high profile scientist of Pakistan and was about to invent some thing BIG that would have made Pakistan's defense much stronger.
    So,as she isn't in her proper senses after years of humiliation and disgrace,she can't be the same again.
    But I don't agree with them.