Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui received a Ph. D. in Cognitive Neuroscience

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There's a part of Dr. Aafia's life which continues to be ignored by a lot of the press - that is her studies. The COGNITIVE part of Neuroscience is often ignored allowing false implications. Some reporters have implied quite factually that she actually studied a different branch of Neuroscience than she did.

Here are three sources on this topic:

Doctoral Thesis from Brandeis University was about "Learning Through Imitation" in which she included her research on improving learning techniques for children. Other academic studies revolved around how children learn... Find this information along with other Background Facts here (Also see Facts and Fiction on this site)

I like reading Siddiqui’s PhD dissertation abstract the best. I can hear her voice at moments - and I can read firsthand that her field is neuroscience. Cognitive neuroscience, in fact - Siddiqui was interested in how people learn, in particular in how people perceive, remember, and enact what we observe. For her research, she asked volunteers to view and then recreate the movement of a disk across a computer screen, in order to study the components of visual perception and memory. She writes, They saw only the momentary positions of the disc and had to knit together those momentary samples. And, a few paragraphs later, In a sequence of movements without a visible trail, it is harder for the subject to form a picture or a story.

In February 2001, Aafia Siddiqui wrote in her dissertation’s Acknowledgements, I would like to thank my mother, Ismat Siddiqui, for my dissertation is a direct result of her motivation, strong encouragement and support…. Nothing in the Universe can replace her! Find this piece at 'Aafia Siddiqui: Another Person Disappeared in the War on Terror' By Cullen Goldblatt Published on: January 01, 2007 here

She went to Brandeis for graduate school, getting her Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience (Psychology department) under Robert Sekuler, dissertation title, Learning Through Imitation...he did experiments on tracking and learning on computer screens, so it was visual memory stuff." Found here

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