Monday, November 1, 2010

“Losing the hand of God’s protection.” Alan Grayson Vs. Daniel Webster:

Before the election tomorrow, I want to tell you one last thing about my Republican opponent, Daniel Webster. Because it illustrates the mindset of the Far Right, and what will happen to us if Webster, and people like Webster, come to power again.

This year, jobs and the economy are on the voters’ minds. But every once in a while, a question comes up about war and peace. It happened here a few weeks ago. Someone asked Daniel Webster, “how long do we stay in Afghanistan?”

Webster’s answer: “However long we stay is a military decision that should not be shared with the world.”

Nor, apparently, shared with us. It’s our job to pay for the war, and to raise children who will fight and die in that war. But not to know how long the war will go on, even if it goes on forever.

We deserve an answer to the question, “how long do we stay in Afghanistan?” Contribute to our campaign, and help defeat a man with no answers.

But that’s not all. Webster said that the war in Afghanistan must continue indefinitely, because “we need a beachhead in the Middle East.” (Note to Webster: Afghanistan is in Central Asia, not the Middle East.) And occupying Afghanistan “protects us,” Webster said, “because once that beachhead is established, it can move further and further.”

In Thomas Greer’s book "A Brief History of the Western World", he describes the result of the Crusades as follows: “The feudal system of western Europe was thus transplanted to this Christian beachhead in the Middle East.”

We don’t need more Crusades. Especially with nukes. Help defeat Daniel Webster.

But here is the punchline. Webster finishes his answer to the question “how long do we stay in Afghanistan” by referring to “the biggest threat to our country.” Which is this: “Losing the hand of God’s protection.”

Greer’s book describes the “orgy of looting and killing of Muslims and Jews” during the Crusades. In words echoing what Daniel Webster says today, one Crusader wrote in his journal, “It was a just and splendid judgment of God that this place [Jerusalem] should be filled with the blood of unbelievers, since it had suffered so long from their blasphemies.”

I support peace. Daniel Webster supports endless war. The choice is clear. Help us if you can.

I believe what Abraham Lincoln believed: "Don't pray that God's on our side; pray that we're on his side."


Alan Grayson


Florida is having quite a little "war" fueled in large part by FOX and POLITICO...

There are two people vying for the same slot. Last day to vote for them is tomorrow...

Until the recent "Taliban Ad" - I could find no obvious fault with Grayson... and was disappointed with that one...However, There's certainly a lot of information and lots to worry about with Daniel Webster's campaign as well and I believe much more so...

So how about checking the records out for self and not allowing FOX and POLITICO to distort your own view on the issues and facts?

Whether or not you vote and no matter how you believe these two candidates are looking at their opponent, do ask if you really want a leader to represent America who is willing for ENDLESS WAR...ENDLESS CRUSADE MENTALITY?

Thanx for coming by and do share your opinion..ALBEIT NOT with Anonymous name...


And his campaign website:

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