Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SOAW (The School of the Americas Watch ) - BACKGROUND INFO

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See the SOA with various corroborated and opposed points of view. SOA or The School of the Americas has been renamed WHINSEC (For years, this school has been known also as the School of Coups or the "School of Assassins" to many peace/justice activists)

Look over the following to form your own position by seeing criteria from many sources. Decide for yourself, does this school represent AMERICA, True Democracy and PEACE? Source Watch on the School of the Americas and related: GO here

More Transcripts on USA and Torture archive goes through 2008 here

Here is strong support for the coming School of the Americas Watch event

SEE a full introductory film on the School of the Assassins here to see why the SOAW came to be and why more support for this movement could help bring awareness of and further the end to Torture, USA

Found out a lot more on the visionary/founder Father Roy Bourgeois here

GO here to read newsletters from the movement going up to the latest FALL issue on matters beyond yet influenced by the US and to see the Video: US Army School Teaches Brutality here

A Supportive and sometimes Surprising Christian Community - GO here

Plz scroll the three-part series of posts just below for more information.


  1. By the way, although this event will have plenty of Christians, it's an open event for folk from ALL backgrounds and is about unity, justice, peace and concern for our most voiceless humanity.

    The event is filled with colors, puppets (many on stilts), music, laughter, somberness, prayer, silence and conversations among people of many parts of the Western Hemisphere as well as beyond. How great if your media source would send you to observe. I predict this one will top all SOAW events.

  2. News Digest for November 17, 2010 from an important site for daily news on detainees, rendition, torture and intimidation:

    GO to for the links

    Grassroots News:
    11/16 / North Carolina Stop Torture Now / Press Release: 800 North Carolinians Apologize to Victims and Survivors of Torture and Indefinite Detention Other U.S. and International News:
    PLS help collect signatures

    11/17 / Richard Norton-Taylor and Ian Cobain / Guardian (U.K.) / Guantánamo: security services must be protected, says Ken Clarke

    11/17 / Kenneth Roth / Guardian (U.K.) / 9/11 justice for New Yorkers

    11/17 / Editorial / New York Times / Accountability for Torture (in Britain)

    11/17 / Carol Rosenberg and Margaret Talev / Miami Herald / U.S. shows no sign of emulating UK payoff to Guantánamo prisoners

    11/17 / Andy Worthington / Who Are the Remaining Prisoners in Guantánamo? Part Eight: Captured in Afghanistan (2002-07)

    11/17 / Eleanor Hall, Michael Otterman (interview) / ABC News / Did Obama pressure UK to settle Guantanamo case?

    11/17 / Kevin Core / Daily Examiner (UK) / Former Huddersfield University student Omar Deghayes: Has Guantanamo Bay payout bought silence?

    11/17 / Adam Klasfeld / Courthouse News Service / Ghailani Jurors Question Burden of Proof in Terrorism Trial

    11/16 / Al Jazeera / US urged to probe torture claims

    11/16 / Scott Horton / Harper's Magazine / Interrogation Nation

    11/16 / Andy Worthington / On Guantánamo, Obama Hits Rock Bottom

    11/16 / Editorial / Washington Post / Damn Wrong

    More news at