Friday, April 20, 2012

Changing what we might...

"Somewhere in us a dignity presides
That is more gracious than the smallness
That fuels us with fear and force..."

John Donahue from his poem "The Inner History of a Day" (see post "Betrothed to the Unknown for Thursday 19 April on One Heart For Peace blog)

Same time -- as we pursue and live in an attitude of more trust of the Divine of our own understanding -- we might do a bit more to limit the sources of fear and tragedy in the world:

Although my husband keeps reminding me that some topics are way beyond my expertise and he's absolutely RIGHT, I want at least make a few suggestions to someone who may happen to come by:

You may be more adept and well-informed than I about current human rights trends and facts? If so, please take a look at a recent article by Chris Hedges called "And then they come for the Muslims" originally posted, as I remember, at Truth Digs. When I have time to check out Hedges research I find he checks out his information.

We are now deep over our heads as Americans in the many wrongs we are allowing our leaders to impose on other nations. Often these are way beyond what an average circle of people seem to know.

Add Hedges current research and corroborated passion for justice, mercy and peace to the work of REPRIEVE - UK; CODE PINK; and the CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS -- all three are right now as I post this note interacting with international rights leaders -- with deep integrity, well-prepared information and courage -- around the lawlessness of US drones in Pakistan, Yemen and other places.

These three groups are not only concerned about the rights abuses of the USA -- although they are centering current allegations on the same. They are also worried about the blind or slavish cooperation of other nations and the flimsy protests by so many international groups. The International Red Cross; Amnesty; Human Rights Watch and independent journalists may be among the few groups actively working to end these drone murders.)

Some questions for each of us who become aware and WHO CARE to empower ourselves and each other to BE the CHANGE and to put our little billionth of power and gift into the world:

Are we taking a good look at each our own history and events which prefigure such careless killing of innocents? Are not the many slaughtered civilians due to drones as grave as any one of the massacres which our own schooling has warned us to prevent?

Must history repeat on our watch?

Do we really have the option to be silent? And if not, what can and should we each do personally as well as in community?

How might we now in our own limited yet potentially powerful way make a difference with our own divinely-offered gifts and opportunities?


  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for this.

    I share your questions and concerns.

    All good wishes,


  2. Thanx, Robert! I just noticed that MoveOn is offering to help with petitions and there are other groups like Care2. And who knows -- sometimes a well-written and carefully timed petition carries a lot of weight even via the internet.

    I am wondering if you particularly or possibly another reader here would help in writing up a possible petition or two on the above concerns?

    1. Greetings,

      I can visit this possibly this coming weekend when I'll have a bit of a break in my home and professional obligations. And...I've got someone here at work who is quite interested in this. I'm going to see what assistance she can provide.

      All good wishes,


  3. See the photo above of the two Afghan youths...“Do they know,” (Kathy Kelley) asked, “that the U.S. Air Force has hired 60,000 – 70,000 analysts to study information collected through drone surveillance? The film footage amounts to the equivalent of 58,000 full length feature films. The Rand Corporation says that 100,000 analysts are needed to understand ‘patterns of life’ in Afghanistan.” Hakim’s response was quick and cutting: “Ghulam would ask the analysts a question they can’t answer with their drone surveillance, a question that has much to do with their business, ‘terror’: “You mean, you don’t understand why I screamed?” READ the rest here - By Kathy Kelly and Hakim

    Such a succinct argument against the drones unlike the so-called
    "experts" strategy -- find more drone "resource" material here: and in the archives at Voices for Creative Non-Violence dot org -- especially those posted from the work of Code Pink...

  4. Correction: See the photo soon to be posted of the two Afghan Youths and another post raising humanitarian alarms loudly that we must build a bridge around the world to blog the killer drones.