Friday, March 30, 2012

New Report on Yemen & Reissue of Petition

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Let's light our little candles & do what we can to protect journalists worldwide.

So increasingly disturbing to see yet another new report from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism sent by Jeremy Scahill's twitter account 29 March
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If you haven't signed this petition yet, you may want to add your name to this one: Release Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye -- here or if there is a catch or stop on the link -- simply select - copy - past onto search engine the following:

(Note my signature as #10 -- see Journalist Jeremy Scahill's as #60 and the passionate #72 for a heartpouring to which I'm sure many of us can relate. The number of signatures are growing...Plz add your's and help get this one out.)

Release Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye

the double-photo found on Glenn Greenwald - column for March 14, 2012

Watch for other such petitions & urge personal letters to the White House of all kinds. This one act is precious for this one brave journalist...we must address and end this trend. (To jail, intimidate, isolate and imprison journalists who are merely doing their work and doing it well -- how can we let this continue? Just look back a little ways in history. We must not let history repeat itself in ever larger circles of injustice.)

The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald and others have been recently offering a corroborated and detailed account of how Shaye came to be in jail and why the US government is determined to keep him there:

Why are key US officials encouraging the keeping of such a pardoned and respected journalist in prison in Yemen? (Respected US and other journalists claim he's merely been using his rare access to cover various sides of the Yemen conflict for Aljazeera and other reports.)

This ACTION will only take a few moments of your precious time. Also see video at Iona Craig's site or GO here Iona Craig is a freelance journalist based in Sana'a, Yemen and the Times of London Yemen Correspondent. She also writes for the Sunday Times, the Irish Times and regularly contributes to USA Today, the National (UAE) and Index on Censorship. She says: "Anyone who follows (my) blog will know I've been bleating on about the imprisonment of Yemeni journalist Abdul Elah Haider Shaye for some time. Iona Craig)

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Also Search Jeremy Scahill and Nation or to watch what he may say next about this landmark case...

Thanx for coming by...keep the good word going out & your candle lit:)


  1. can I have your email address? :)

  2. Petition up to 190 ! Keep this going out, plz!

  3. Certainly, Noor:

    Plz be sure to put your name & a key word in Subject Heading.

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  4. Noor & others -- plz let me know if you find an other petition or action on behalf of this one dear journalist in prison & other other journalists who represent all those who seek to be true to their profession in freedom & peace.