Friday, June 22, 2012

Check out FP

Foreign Policy Magazine online today, Friday, has two important is in the "shadow" section on the Obama and the leak.

The other is on drones here in the USA:  lots of them have been approved
-- there was a recent crash -- people are just a little upset.

Maybe it would be great for our foreign and internal policies for
these two sudden issues to be BIG -- in order for BOTH parties to
see we NEED ACCOUNTABILITY bigtime and now. 

I'd hate to see drones take over our skies...on the other hand, how
will we ever begin to sympathize with decent people -so much like us)
--although perhaps poorer and with fewer resources -- elsewhere until
such dreadful happenings hit home?  God help us if we don't begin
to see what we've done to the world with these two biggies!

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