Activists and journalists outside USA may have a better chance
than we do here of stopping Monsanto before they make inroads
in your region of the world...look how even some of our best
organic companies have capitulated...end of this article.
Good Luck! We need to get this CLEAR point-by-point article
copied and out to all concerned...little agricultural shops as well as
"leaders" and policy-makers of all kinds -- and health food co-ops/
members as well. Plz let your contacts know about
this Plague while there's a prayer of hope.
Connie L. Nash
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FOCUS | Monsanto: A Modern Day Plague
Genetically modified (GM) crops. (photo: Genetically Modified Cartoons)
Lisa Cerda, City Watch Los Angeles
Cerda reports: "Monsanto's history is one steeped with controversial products, deadly consequences, massive cover ups, political slight of hand, and culminates as a modern day plague on humanity, a plague that is about to peak to biblical proportions."
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The seed planted on September 17th in New York City has grown into a national and international movement. Occupy Wall Street has branched out with hundreds of groups organizing Occupy protests in their own communities. Reader Supported News highlights some of the more significant actions from around the country here. Share this page with your friends and associates and check back often for the latest developments.
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