Thursday, July 12, 2012

How did the Crusades end...or did they?

REALLY HAVE THEY ENDED IN OUR INNER AND SOCIAL CONSCIENCES? (or our SUBconsciences?) Here are a few more specific conversation starters: What might we learn from both OUR cultural - religious - political versions of The Crusades? What might we learn from OTHER perspectives? What are the lessons of history in this case? What can we do NOW to end our mistaken or violent/revenge-filled/unenlightened thinking? If I am unable to convert the following links/references right now to easy linked form, plz forgive my rush...I will try to do so as soon as able. Yet I don't want to lose these... Ignore the links below if you want to wait for easier use and/or look up your own sources for the responses... None of these in full represent my own opinion nor do I verify the accuracy of any... This one may be a bit more careful with facts than some from a Western point of view that is?? (Although I don't agree with much if anything of this one -- the arguments may shed a little light...I think Todd may be among the most enlightened here...with whom to you find unity?) None of these above have much if anything to do with my personal view yet each may offer a small glimpse of a bit of the puzzle (along with the comments under each. Again, I'd love to hear of your own responses and considerations...)
This painting is called 'First Crusader Leader' while the other painting is simply called 'Saluddin'. The painting on top is called 'Jonathan Embraces David' -- also see the same painter's 'The Beatitudes'(if you can find or view it large enough and the painter is Caspar LUIKEN, Dutch, 1672-1708) Both Luiken's paintings present a theme of reconciliation, liberation and peace. All of these images were found easily in the internet cache and are available as jpg images, if I recall rightly.


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