Monday, July 2, 2012

Who Would Jesus Kill?

One version of crusader mentality and it's disastrous effects today was posted March
in (note 443 plus comments)
The following is merely a table of possible historical facts & concerns about the terrible
Crusades-- a most bloody unfortunate affair. As I understand by repeated research,
the Crusades were started by one of the most violent of leaders. (Who unfortunately was quite a a very misled pope. We have had popes of peace and popes of war.  What does are current
pope have in mind?) 

Have Christians en masse ever apologized deeply with hearts of genuine remorse for 
having inflicted such an horrific tragedy onto humanity and the planet?  Isn't it about

For one possible list of questions on the inhumane Crusades & proposed two perspectives for 
each answer go here (you may need to put
this url into a google search if it doesn't come up easily)

Find this famous painting with notes here:

What still haunts me to this day is a question I had as a young child -- I believe this
question started when I was about twelve years of age. During the course of my life
my wording of this question varied only slightly until I gave up.

I gave up because no Christian from whom I sought an answer had one.  Then I found out
there were others who believed in Jesus who did not have the same beliefs in
judgement belonging to people.  Nor did the Peacemakers I began to follow believe
that Jesus (or any leader or prophet or true son of God) called us to start war on earth.

Here's the question I began to ask when a child:

If our religion believes God will put people in hell if they "don't believe in Christ as
their Savior"-- then why on earth do we believe it's right to hurry that process in other nations
where fewer people believe this by killing off so many before they die a natural death?

NO ANSWER was ever forthcoming...

So this experience was the beginning of my journey to seek out the Peacemakers everywhere. 

Perhaps readers of this blogpost would offer other references experiences or reflections
on this matter..

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  1. Just found this right after this post. This may be a beautiful mosaic yet what an ugly legacy!