Sunday, June 6, 2010

Updates Incl USA Protests & Video: Flotilla Passengers Helping Soldiers & Related

This is one of Israeli soldiers apparently being cared for by flotilla passengers appeared on the Turkish news website internethaber dot com and find more with video here

MONDAY June 7th

EMERGENCY DEMO TO END US AID TO ISRAEL: Meet in front of the federal building on Patton Avenue in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Time is 6 PM. University of North Carolina - UNC-Asheville SDS is calling for an emergency demonstration to demand and end to U.S. aid to Israel, and to condemn the Israeli massacre of at least 9 pro-Palestinian activists aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla trying to bring
humanitarian aid to Gaza.

For Continual Updates with items not easily found in major media GO here Including Photos and Video show Mavi Marmara passengers protecting, aiding Israeli soldiers
and also GO to Electronic Intifada here and Palestine news in English here

USA Activists: World Can't Wait here where you can expect ongoing updates on the Flotilla and related. See this Op Ed on US policies posted here Sunday here

LA Times on Gaza & the Flotilla here

Peace Talks? Interesting Quote from Israeli Novelist and some stats (are these balanced and accurate?) here


  1. I always believed that the common population of United states,thinks totally opposite to their governmental polices and acts.
    But I do hope that the United states does gets a government which acts according to it's peoples will and for it's "real" benefits.
    Nice post with most authentic links.
    Nice work.

  2. Yes, this is also my experience within the US. The difficulty is that decent caring people are so caught up in their own day to day family and job/career/schooling and even economic survival issues, there is not the openness and time/space to discuss these larger global issues.

    More and more, I'm seeing that art/film/more creative approaches will be needed to get across some of these universal issues. Facebook to many has some attributes of breaking down ethnic barriers and yet provides for many only an illusion of a safe, open global city.

    Media is often so connected to local economy, perks and fears that few of us see the kinder and braver elements of our nations...

    However we can connect across the world to search out "this other side" to show one another, the closer we may be to some real breakthroughs.

    Keep on keeping on to help us as we peace and justice folk in the US so need the help of a world network at this very time.