Tuesday, June 22, 2010

US Supreme Court Goes Too Far (Various News Sources)

RE: US Supreme Court decision issued MONDAY: majority opinion was
written by Roberts; Justice Breyer wrote the dissent in which he was joined
by Justices Ginsberg and Sotomayor; several groups, including the ACLU, had
filed an amicus arguing that the statute's ambiguity renders it
unconstitutionally vague as applied to human rights activity. Look for further updates, an amicus and a Press Release from various rights groups including Center for Constitutional Rights and ACLU dot org

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06/22 / Editorial / Washington Post / The Supreme Court goes too far in the name of fighting terrorism

06/22 / The Editors / New York Times / What Counts as Abetting Terrorists?

06/22 / Editorial / Los Angeles Times / Terror and free speech

06/22 / Daphne Eviatar / Huffington Post / Failed Times Square Bomber's Guilty Plea Is a Win for US Justice System

06/22 / Bob Egelko / San Francisco Chronicle / Giving Peace Advice to Terrorist Can Be Illegal

06/22 / Andy Worthington / An open letter to David Cameron demanding the return from Guantánamo of Shaker Aamer

06/22 / Jason Motlagh / Time / Karzai's Prisoner-Release Plan: How It Could Backfire

06/22 / Ryan J. Reilly / Main Justice / Bureau of Prisons Moving Forward with Thomson Plans

06/22 / Carol Rosenberg / McClatchy Newspapers / Guantanamo plea deal eyed

06/21 / Editorial / Los Angeles Times / Supreme Court should have intervened in Maher Arar case

06/21 / Andy Worthington / Obama Thinks About Releasing Innocent Yemenis from Guantánamo

06/21 / Niamh Marnell / DC Bureau / America’s Secret Prisons

06/21 / Scott Merzbach / Amherst Bulletin (Massachusetts) / Detainee cleared, but Valley home unlikely

06/21 / Matthew Alexander / US Military Interrogator: Bad Idea, Indefinite Detention for Hassan al-Odaini

06/21 / Constitution Project / Press Release: Constitution Project Dismayed by Supreme Court's Rejection of Constitutional Challenge to Provisions of Material Support Laws

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Supreme Court ruling barring aid to terrorist groups: why some lament it
Humanitarian and peace organizations say their direct interaction with violent or terrorist groups is vital to intervention efforts. The Supreme Court decision Monday means they do it at their peril.

...“The ‘material support law’ – which is aimed at putting an end to terrorism – actually threatens our work and the work of many other peacemaking organizations that must interact directly with groups that have engaged in violence,” said former President Jimmy Carter, founder of the Carter Center.

“The vague language of the law leaves us wondering if we will be prosecuted for our work to promote peace and freedom,” he said....

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