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"Zionism is based on establishing a false nationalist, Jewish identity."

"Remove Zionism from the scene and Jews would connect with Muslims and Christians...
You want to know the solution. Simply, stop fighting God. Then, there would be peace, and look at history about living together...Throughout history, we have taught our children that Jews have found a safe haven in Muslim and Arab countries — except when we have Crusades and the Spanish inquisition — and we are thankful for that...History shows that we can co-exist. Zionists turn history at its head. "
Rabbi Weiss

Note from No More Crusades: There are some striking items from history which is often ignored or hushed in the statements below. WE MUST END MISCONCEPTIONS about any one racial or religious group in order to arrive at peace, justice and global solidarity. Thus, just naming ills, injustices, violent events will not do the job but increased awareness and understanding not only of each other's history but of hearts who want freedom for another and feel another's pain no matter how different that person may appear.

"The world must break the deafening silence and save the people of Gaza and save the whole people of Palestine...We think we should bring peace to this suppressed part of the world. (We want)to provide crucial medical help to the people of Gaza...and
to convey a solidarity message from the Jewish community around the world to the people of Gaza...that we feel their real suffering. We want them to know that they have our support and harmonious solidarity all around the world...We were demonstrating before the United Nations even before Muslims and Arabs in America. The Jewish community constantly demonstrates against every action of the state of Israel against the Palestinians. When Israel was ratified by the United Nations in 1948, almost immediately, true Jewish people took to the streets of the United States to demonstrate." Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss (From the interview below)

Note that the following was from last year or another time and yet is current in principles and background to recent crucial events between the world and Israel.

Jews for Gaza & Against Israel - - Politics in Depth
16 Jul 2009 ... Rabbi Weiss: We, as true Jews, are united against Zionism, ... We all are going to serve God in harmony together. ... Throughout history, we have taught our children that Jews have found a safe haven in Muslim and Arab countries
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Interview : 16 Jul 2009

Jews for Gaza & Against Israel
US Neturei Karta's Jews Call for Dismantling Israel
By Hany Ramadan Staff Writer —

The "Viva Palestina" humanitarian campaign for the people of Gaza was launched in the United States with Britain MP George Galloway's participation in starting the aid mission.

More than 200 American participants form all walks of life, including journalists, politicians, peace activists, and religious figures — Muslims, Christians and Jews —arrived in Egypt on their way to Gaza through Egypt's Rafah crossing. Galloway and US activists have just been allowed into Gaza.

The US pro-Gaza activists' campaign included four Jewish Rabbis from the Neturei Karta movement, a US-based Orthodox anti-Israel group that opposes Zionism.
Politics in Depth had an interview with Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, the international spokesman for the group, to understand the purpose of the group's participation in the humanitarian mission on Gaza and the reasons behind their opposition to Israel and the establishment of a Jewish state.

Answers below are condensed quotes from this interview (along with those heading this post)

First Islam On Line (IOL) asked Rabbi Weiss why he and others began their effort to support Gazans...

Rabbi Weiss answers: We feel frustrated and humiliated by what is done by Israelis against Gazans. The Israelis are raising the Torah to legitimatize their crackdown on Palestinians, but we want people to be careful about this false justification, and differentiate between the state of Israel, made by Zionists, and peaceful Jews around the world.

The second issue is that people in the Western world should also understand the truth of Zionism, and the truth of Judaism. There are Jewish people who are coming here to support Palestinians' rights. Some people may ask how religious Jews and religious rabbis are coming and supporting the people of Gaza.

...The world must break the deafening silence, save the people of Gaza, and save the whole people of Palestine. We should give them what they need: medical assistance, emotional, and physical help. We need the international community to respond to Israel's brutality as it did against South Africa's devastating racism. This has to be done here immediately to stop the suppression against the people of Gaza.

IOL: We understand that you are planning to cross over to Gaza with British MP George Galloway, but do you expect to face any complexity with the Egyptian authorities?

Rabbi Weiss: We hope that the Egyptian government becomes truly sympathetic to the people of Palestine. They are under enormous and illegal pressure from Israel. I think Egyptians are willing to help the people of Palestine. We started with a caravan in England, and we hope that Egypt's authorities allow the aid package to pass to Gaza. It is a sign of relief to the war-ravaged Strip. For me, I am advised not to go there myself as some Israeli threats may put my life in real risk.

IOL: Why are you against Israel and Zionism?

Rabbi Weiss: We, as true Jews, are united against Zionism, and we eagerly try to free the people of Palestine and Gaza, not only from the siege of Gaza, but also from the siege of Zionism that has continued for 100 years, not just 61 years since the establishment of the state of Israel. Four Jewish Rabbis from the Neturei Karta movement (are participants) in Viva Palestina's campaign to Gaza. We, as religious people, are anti-Zionism, because it is contradictory to Judaism. Jewish people and rabbis are still in opposition to the suppression of the Palestinian people. So, we are looking at every opportunity to show our sympathy and offer the help that we can. I personally go on in the United States, with my colleagues demonstrating constantly.

IOL: Is that just a matter of time and then when God wills, as you believe, you will "enter the holy land" of Palestine. What will you do with the Palestinians...?

Rabbi Weiss: Establishing the state of Israel is against Judaism. Judaism aspires to return to the holy land, but (ONLY) after we repent, and God ends our punishment of exile. So, we must repent and ... with God's compassion ...(help) bring redemption.

IOL: What does redemption mean?

Rabbi Weiss: God makes metaphysical changes to the world. (When) all humanity recognizes one God -- when everybody recognizes one God -- then, all nations will join on and go to the holy land, hand in hand.

We all are going to serve God in harmony together. This concept of a Jewish nationalist state is against the Torah. That is why we always like to state that in history during the heyday of Islamic religion; Muslims held the Quran and Shari'a, and at the same time, they simply co-existed with the Jewish community that held the Talmud and lived in co-existence in Palestine.

Many people who come to demonstration remember the co-existence in the old city of Jerusalem. People of the three monotheistic faiths co-existed all the time in harmony. Zionism is based on establishing a false nationalist, Jewish identity. Remove Zionism from the scene and Jews would connect with Muslims and Christians. This is a simple solution.

People will always say that the only solution is a two-state one. This has to be a state against the will of the Palestinian people. You know, if somebody stole a bank or something like that for ten years, does that give them legitimacy? No.

First, we are forbidden to return to the holy land in large numbers. Secondly, we are forbidden to be against any nation. We have to be loyal to every country we live in. We are not attempting to make anything to end that punishment of exile ordained by God. This concept of trying to end the exile cannot accomplish anything. You cannot oppose the decree of God. Now, it is getting worse with tension and suffering.
That is the reason, because you cannot disobey the order of God. You want to know the solution. Simply, stop fighting God. Then, there would be peace, and look at history about living together.

IOL: You see the dismantlement of Israel as a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Would you please elaborate on that?

Rabbi Weiss: When we are talking about the end of Israel, we are talking about its peaceful dismantlement, and the dismantlement of its nationalism. It does not mean the destruction of the Jews living there. Throughout history, we have taught our children that Jews have found a safe haven in Muslim and Arab countries — except when we have Crusades and the Spanish inquisition — and we are thankful for that.

History shows that we can co-exist. Zionists turn history at its head. The Israeli propaganda is that Arabs want to bloodshed Jews, and that there is Arab hatred towards the Jews, but what Arabs and Palestinians want is self-respect and restoring their legitimate rights...

IOL: How do you envisage the Israeli PM Netanyahu's recent declaration about "Jewish identity" of the state of Israel?

Rabbi Weiss: First, people speak about the Jewish history, or the Jewish identity of Israel in contrast to the Torah, because it is evil done in the name of Jews by that Zionist movement.

The whole concept of Zionism is that God is not protecting us [Jews]. Zionists are mixing nationalism with religion, breaching every rule of the Torah, oppressing people, and then they falsely claim the Jewish identity of Israel.

Sometimes they use the Bible, and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they come with an approach of peace, but at the end of the day, their movement is evil, criminal, and has no right to exist. The existence of this state is the cause of the Palestinian suffering, and according to Judaism, it has no legitimacy.

IOL: Do you think the Zionist Lobby in the United States is somehow affected by the new US administration of President Obama and his new foreign policy pressuring Israel for a peaceful solution to the conflict?

Rabbi Weiss: We hope President Obama, who has an open ear to different opinions and views, can do something in this regard, although he did say that he has to support the state of Israel. This approach comes, unfortunately, from the propaganda and the Zionists' control of the media...

...The problem is always Zionism. So, the solution is to give the Palestinian people a Palestinian state. In order to give the remedy, you must know what the problem is.

IOL: You mentioned the "Zionists' control of media" in the United States. How much is the US media influenced by such pro-Israel lobbying groups?

Rabbi Weiss: Personally, we talked to the Pro-Israel AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that has influence in the United States. Many of AIPAC people are Zionists and they say it is a Zionist organization. They control media not only in the United States, but also in Canada. Besides that, they have a media-watch apparatus. A newspaper may for example rewrite a story about Palestine many times, as they simply ask editors to cut out this or that.

The more religious [the Jews], the more anti-Zionist. And this is all around the world. Our name has been hijacked and kidnapped by the state of Israel.

Hany Ramadan is a staff writer and editor at the Politics in Depth section of He is currently working on a master's degree in political studies at Cairo University's Faculty of Economics and Political Science. He was awarded a Chevening Fellowship, in 2008, by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, for studies in "Democracy, the Rule of Law, and Security" at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Final note:

"Zionists may be Jews gone off the track, but all Jews are not Zionists. They are also not the ones in control... While there are scattered individuals and small groups among Muslims and Jews banding together to be heard, the Muslim governments have surprisingly not taken advantage of this fact to inform their own peoples as well as ordinary brainwashed Americans. If anyone has any article, report, etc. on this point, please send. For those interested, listed at the end are some links to Jew-Muslim efforts. There are hundreds if not thousands more on the website." Pakistani Journalist and Peacemaker June 2010

Look for more on this topic to follow in future posts

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