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REPORTS from/about GAZA, US, Israel and Palestine

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Thursday, July 29th, 2010 - 15:06

Tutu: I fully support boycott of Israeli products

South African Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu said on Wednesday that he supports the Olympia Food Co-op’s boycott of Israeli products.

The Olympia Food Co-op, located in Olympia, Washington, the hometown of the International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie who was killed seven years ago in Gaza, announced last week that no Israeli products would be sold at its two grocery stores in the city.

“I, Desmond Tutu, fully support and endorse the Olympia Food Co-op’s boycott of Israeli products,” Tutu said in a statement. “The Olympia Food Co-op has joined a growing worldwide movement on the part of citizens and the private sector to support by non-violent tangible acts the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination.”

Tutu also encouraged other cooperatives, grocers and businesses to boycott Israeli goods.

Many international figures and organizations have realized the amount of injustice practiced by Israel on Palestinian people, especially after the savage Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara aid ship which was heading to break Gaza siege on 31st of May 2010, caused of death of 9 Turkish activists.

Israeli attack condemend by huge mas and international community and called on Israeli occupation to end unreasonable siege imposed on Palestinians since 4 years and still causing fatal impacts on Palestinian life.

Report above published here

Below are updated reports for today, yet first, just a little review...

Here is the blog I followed from the amazingly courageous young journalist during the horrific Gaza tragedy: here he reports on Gaza today...what has changed? here I have many posts from this time credited to him and his likewise brave and excellent journalist father during that time in archives of oneheartforpeace...

Here is a piece from Sameh Akram Habeeb's father:
"Who Is Responsible for Gaza blight?" By Dr. Akram Habeeb (Writing from the Occupied Gaza Strip)

As a Gazzan who is not affiliated to any political party; yet much concerned about what is taking place in my hometown, I meticulously track every piece of news related to the ongoing horrendous carnage which is perpetrated by the Israelis against the innocent civilians in Gaza. I was shocked when key staff of Bush’s outgoing Administration hold the Palestinian side in particular responsible for the recent onslaught in Gaza. I was also more devastated when some European officials and even few Arab leaders implicitly hold the same opinion. I am not sure though whether these officials do represent the voice and the good will of their peoples.
Rest of Article during the Israeli Occupation and massacre - find in archives here

Let's keep watching the photos and reading reports from two GAZZANS: Sameh Akram Habeeb, journalist from Gaza, who along with his father,Dr. Akram Habeeb, covered the Gaza atrocities on the ground as they were occurring...

Credit for all above photos go to Sameh Akram Habeeb and his site:

Report, The Electronic Intifada, 28 July 2010

By Adie Mormech, Live from Palestine, 27 July 2010

By Mel Frykberg, The Electronic Intifada, 27 July 2010

By Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada, 27 July 2010

DISCLAIMER: The items below are largely from CLICK here

Along with perusing & offering this newer source, APPAF, I hope to add other sources of such news. One I have come to respect is and while I haven't yet read much from him on Palestine/Israel, I highly value articles I've read by Stephen Lendman and now plan to read/listen to him on Palestine/Israel as well.

SEE list of STEPHEN LENDMAN sites end of this post...

This following newsletter claims to provide (some of) what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict which follows the Admonitions of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson:

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people" - John Adams - Second US President

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." Thomas Jefferson

Visit website GO here and send you their feedback and/or comment below.

APPAF editors add: "Please don't forget that Palestine is as much of an American problem as it is a Palestinian and an Israeli problem."

From J Street: Oppose Ros-Lehtinen's Irresponsible Anti-Peace Letter

CommonDreams: A Peaceful Boycott Should Not be a Crime by Yifat Susskind

PAKISTAN Daily: Barack Obama: America s First Jewish President

Haaretz: Arab reps ignore Abbas proposal to continue indirect talks

The Christian Science Monitor-Truthout: Breakthrough? Abbas Gets Arab Backing to Enter Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks by: Joshua Mitnick

Haaretz: U.S. 'encouraged' by Arab support for direct Israeli-Palestinian talks

VOA: UN Presses for Direct Israeli-Palestinian Talks

CS Monitor: For biased critics of Israel, even its defensive actions violate human rights By Jeffrey Robbins

Jerusalem Post: ADL accepts Oliver Stone's 2nd apology. Director had complained about Jewish influence in US media By GIL HOFFMAN (But he said it loud and clear)

From "Senator George McGovern": Please help keep a peace champion in Congress today

ICH: "The Real Terrorist Was Me" Speech By War Veteran

AlterNet: Democrats Take on Supreme Court's Giant Sell-Out of Our Democracy to Corporations. Wake Up America

Irish Times: Dunnes urged to boycott Israeli goods PAUL CULLEN

Haaretz: Ateret Cohanim takes over Muslim Quarter residence, leftists say move 'to sandbag talks'By Nir Hasson

Haaretz: Is Peres trying to convince Palestinians to refuse direct talks?

SEE the following from Palestine via CLICK here

FT: West Bank leader eyes home stretch to freedom By Tobias Buck in Ramallah

Exclusive Intifada Interview with Archbishop Theodosios

Haaretz: Abbas resisting direct talks with Israel, despite Obama pressure (Palestinians now caved in)

Guardian: Israeli settlers evict Palestinian family from their home of 70 years Takeovers have created dozens of Jewish 'outposts'in the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem's Old City in recent years

JPost: Palestinians in Gaza invest $20m. in new resorts

NOTE: For the above items from Palestine and for plenty more OP-ED via CLICK here

Other sources on this topic (of course there are infinite sources - a few more to be added here or in new post):

Steve Lendman Radio

SteveLendmanBlog GO here

Author's Page for Stephen Lendman. GO here

A list of columns and Opinions written by Stephen Lendman GO here and reach him via

During the Gaza tragedy I followed on my blogsite during that time. You will find plenty of photos in my archived articles from that time which you can't dismiss as necessary business by Israel...

Also see:

Save Gaza: January 2009
Dec 30, 2008 The Untold Story here

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