Wednesday, July 28, 2010

US War/Occupation and it's Deeply Disturbing Character

Find one set of interviews referring to the recent leaks is at DemocracyNow! here

Rick Rowley, a filmmaker, recently back from Afghanistan...responded to the recent leaks:

“[One] thing that these documents do is they put flesh on a process that we’ve been tracking, along with reporters like Jeremy Scahill, for some time, of a transition to what some people call a special forces war, an entirely covert and classified war that’s conducted with DRONE strikes and MIDNIGHT raids and targeted ASSASSINATIONS, where everything is CLASSIFIED, there are (few) media embeds, and there’s very little accountability. I mean, I think that is the trajectory that this war is taking right now.”

Rowley and others put much emphasis on the activities of super-secret units... In addition, while much of what these secret units have been doing in Afghanistan centers on (more or less) targeted assassinations -- which often go awry and kill many civilians--their missions are "kill or CAPTURE," in which an as-yet undetermined number of targeted persons are taken prisoner and shipped into an entirely unaccountable oblivion. As Rick Rowley put it:

Rowley also said that when we abandon the nation-building project, which everyone recognizes is an abject failure, the new form, paradigm, the war is going to take (includes) ...the majority of the kinetic action, the military calls it, the majority of the people killed and captured, are done by special forces. So there is no real information about them at all. It’s all entirely secret...many more (then have been released) aren’t made public. These documents that were released, you know, they occasionally cover—in slant ways cover special forces operations, but all of that stuff is a different level of classified...

To those who want to paint one-sided character of the people of Pakistan, here are a variety of items for a 2nd look - the US military choices have certainly not made life easier for Pakistan...

READ especially The ISI - America's Favourite Scapegoat here

Here's an item with 200 plus comments from earlier with many differing points of view to indicate the struggle with the "several enemies" which are each and all causing havoc here

Other references from US MSNBC here

Here are some sites new to me yet worth following on Wiki-leaks, Working Class, Muslims of all kinds for Peace and what they're reading:

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Canadian Dimension editorial with Twenty-Two Reasons Why American Working People Hate the State here

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