Thursday, August 5, 2010

Howard Zinn Book 'The Bomb' & More

Howard Zinn was an eternally cheerful realist - more beloved today than ever...

SEE Zinn Book "The Bomb": Howard Zinn's personal, historical, and political views on the significance. In this short and powerful book, the backstory of the making and use of the bomb.

"We're proud to announce our newest City Lights publication, timed for this anniversary, Howard Zinn's The Bomb." GO to CITY LIGHTS dot com here
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Aug 4, 2010 (City Lights Open Media, San Francisco, August 2010); The Bomb, a must read REVIEW by Jason Raskin at Reader Supported News (where you can subscribe to well-selected and Heads Up email notices for free - Reader Supported News: A news service supported by the Readers. Politics, Health Care, Iraq, Afghanistan, Commentary and much more by the early co-founders of TruthOut. GO here

See plenty of other reviews on this small book as well - one at Truthout by David Swanson

GO for the review plus the news about the spying on Zinn at his University here or to archives for July

For "What Howard Zinn's fbi Files Reveal" - GO here or simply go to early part of August on nomorecrusades

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