Thursday, August 5, 2010

Responding to Fear with Peace

Young Future Peace Facilitators from various faiths during program led by World Council of Churches.

The goal has been to help bring about understanding by pulling youth from various faiths together for a comfortable while deep look at one another's beliefs and common ground. They are also encouraged to be leaders in modeling the same in their home towns.

There are a growing number of peace advocates today. Often we don't hear about them because the media looks for the more sensational - often the more visible - like on CNN and FACEBOOK. Recently the National Association of Evangelicals NAE responded clearly to "insane crusaders" who want others to join them in burning the Koran. Although I may differ with the NAE on some issues, they certainly are seeking "No More Crusades" in this one instance at least. My Kudos!

Here's the statement of the NAE here

Names continually deceive since the "instigator" of the destruction of Holy Books is a leader from a group called "DOVE" who is using his church and FACEBOOK as a springboard to urge people to burn the Koran. This has been reported as very upsetting indeed among many who honor the Koran. CNN also may be part of the problem by their less than well-rounded reporting of the small sect who stand supporting these instigations toward violent acts. What a ghastly and ridiculous and violence-breeding response to all the fear various leaders have used (via FACEBOOK and infinite other means) to whip up war efforts abroad and violence closer to home.

Let's get more innovative and LIFE-giving (including CONstructive not DEstructive)-- can't we all? For a great example, look at this lovely comment under the following item:



"A disused Baptist church in my locality was purchased by Muslims. When the latter were tidying up prior to starting building work they found some damaged and badly soiled Bibles in the attic. When the Baptists were contacted they said they didn't want the Bibles, so the Muslims cleaned the Bibles very carefully and then wrapped them in white cloth before burying them in the church grounds. 'These are Holy books' my Muslim friend told me.I don't think the Florida church can really be a Christian church if they are going to burn Q'rans - just another US hate group. We have them in the UK too. Robert (Wales, UK)"

Perhaps we might all look for such opportunity to DO and REPORT these beautiful ACTUAL examples of respect for one another's beliefs and traditions?

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