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"Catch up" on US "war on terror" Detainee/Prisoners Rights

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08 October 2010

CP Weekly Newsletter:

*FEATURED: The fight becomes tough for my family

08 October 2010

*Cageprisoners exclusive – Amina Masood Janjua speaks of her

* *

*ACTION ALERT: Amina Masood Janjua needs your help today*

*08 October 2010*

Amina Masood Janjua has not only campaigned on behalf of her husband,
but also for over 700 hundred families detained, she now needs your

* *

*FEATURED: Secrecy still shrouds Guantánamo’s five-year hunger

08 October 2010

*Andy Worthington on the news that Abdul Rahman Shalabi, on hunger
strike since 2005, is "occasionally" eating solid food.**

*RECOMMENDED: YOU DON'T LIKE THE TRUTH - 4 days inside Guantánamo

06 October 2010

*A documentary based on security camera footage of Omar Khadr from
the Guantánamo Bay prison.ánamo

*ARTICLES: By the numbers*

*06 October 2010*

Latest statistics on Guantanamo Bay detentions

* *

*ACTION ALERT: Missing person

05 October 2010

*Cageprisoners has come to learn that Guantanamo Bay detainee Hajji
Nassim, know by the US Department of Defense as 'Inayatullah'
Internment Serial Number 10028 has growing concerns over his brother
Hidayatullah's whereabouts.

* *

*FEATURED: Who are the remaining prisoners in Guantánamo? Part Six:
Captured in Pakistan (2 of 3)

05 October 2010*

This is the sixth part of an exclusive nine-part series telling the
stories of all 174 prisoners in Guantanamo.

* *

*EVENT: 'Guantanamo: If the lights go out' photo exhibition

05 October 2010*

This is a study of a home, of a particular idea of home at a
particular time in our history. This is the study of the lives of
people whose paths crossed whilst in a camp on 45 square miles of
Cuba, cut off from the rest of the world by razor wire and water.

* *

*BLOG: On why it is never a good idea to copulate with wizards, why
we need to reject Obama and Bush from visas and finally save the US

02 October 2010

*I really don’t want to have to resort to killing, kidnap and
torture to prove how American I can be.

* *

*FEATURED: Pakistan: Politics of a Humiliated Nation*

*01 October 2010*

Has the Pakistani tiger grown some teeth? Has it remembered its proud
history of sacrifice and bloodshed? Has it recalled that it was
created with a vision of it becoming a haven for Muslims? Has it
finally awoken from its slumber and discovered the meaning of the word

*ACTION ALERT: Babar Ahmad lobby pack

28 September 2010

*Cageprisoners is calling on the public to lobby their MPs to allow
for Babar Ahmad to finally be given justice by calling for a fair
trial in the UK.

Cageprisoners is a human rights NGO that exists to raise awareness of
the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held
and abused as part of the War on Terror. We aim to give a voice to the

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Also see the items just below and at oneheartforpeace (where you'll find many related items.) NOTE also the NYTimes headlines today, Friday, is that the US Security head has resigned possibly due to comments he made to Bob Woodward in a book about Obama's Wars.)

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  1. NOTE ALSO: I haven't had time to check it out but there's a book called The Lucifer Effect with a Video Commentary that's quite hard-hitting by this US author who once participated in experiments which led to the CIA torture and included psychologists and doctors eventually. My son found out about this at his American psychology class - which is so mind-boggling it's hard to know how to respond and what will help this far into these grave injustices. But we must each find a way...silence is not longer - never has been - an option on these injustices...