Saturday, October 23, 2010

Peacebuilding: Focus for 24 October, U.N. Day

Sent by Fellowship of Reconciliation

By: Rene Wadlow Topics: As we mark U.N. Day this October 24th, we are reminded that the United Nations remains the only universally representative and comprehensively empowered body the world has to deal with threats to international peace and security.

As Brian Urquart, one of the early U.N. civil servants said:

“In the great uncertainties and disorders that lie ahead, the U.N., for all its shortcomings, will be called on again and again because there is no other global institution, because there is a severe limit to what even the strongest powers wish to take on themselves, and because inaction and apathy toward human misery or about the future of the human race are unacceptable.” However, the nature of the threats to international security is ever changing.


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