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UPDATED: ? Million in Blood Money (Pakistani Blog: Teeth Maestro)

After this report posted to Teeth Maestro (award-winning Pakistan blog) go below for yet another version...

From Teeth Maestro:

As expected the Americans finally had their way, the CIA operative who had shot dead two Pakistanis on the streets of Lahore in January was released by the an additional session (with) Judge Yousuf Ojla in Kot Lakpath Jail.

He initially found Raymond Davis guilty of the double murder but immediately the lawyers presented the families of the victims who absolved the case against Raymond claiming to have been paid blood money in exchange for the pardon. Having no case - the judge was more or less forced to withdraw all charges against the American.

The documents presented to the courts show that over 18 family members of the two victims were distributed cash in exchange for the pardon tuning to over $ 2.34 MIllion. Immediately after the release it is reported that Raymond - along with the family members - were flown out of Pakistan to an undisclosed location.

Later a spokesperson for the white house in a press conference denied that the payment was made by the US Government and also made no comment (whether or not) the family members were given passports or were being rehabilitated in the US in lieu of their pardon

What surprises me is that it was almost public knowledge that the Americans were applying pressure on the family but our government did nothing to assert its force to protect its people from foreign pressures on our own land. They have sold out the the Pakistani nation and it must be noted fact that all the leaders were in cahoots with this negations. On 18th Feb a report published by The Friday Times now makes erring sense as to why Fahim’s wife suddenly committed suicide. Fahim's mother is documented now to have taken over Rs. 33,333,333

The Friday Times – Offers accepted
Ever wondered why there’s not a squeak out of the family of that poor boy Ibadurrahman, who was run over and killed by the speeding American Consulate vehicle that was chasing after Raymond Davis that fateful day in Lahore? Well, we have it from the horse’s mouth that Ibad’s family have been given four American passports and Rs 1 crore in compensation and that they have accepted both the passports and the money. They’ve signed on the dotted line and agreed to keep quiet. They will be leaving Lahore for the US shortly. An important personage of the Punjab Government went and personally made the offer to Ibad’s family and saw it through, notwithstanding the government’s pious denials to all and sundry that “the law would take its own course”. Something similar also happened to the late Fahim’s family (Fahim being one of the men shot dead by Raymond Davis), except that they fell out with each other. Apparently, Fahim’s mother was reluctant to share some of the spoils with his widow, who in a fit of desperation killed herself. Since then, the same mother and other relatives of Fahim have accepted the American offer.

There is no news about the murderer who took refuge in the US Consulate in Lahore after running over a pedestrian Ibadur Rehaman, and that family still awaits any form of justice.

Locally I believe now we can't do much to argue about Raymond Davis, he has skipped out and at best is absolved of his murder, but ... Pakistanis must exert tremendous pressure on the government to hold them accountable - including the Govt of Punjab. (For) Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif to suddenly skip off to London claiming health reasons is a definite ploy to avoid getting mixed up in Lahore. All these lunatic politicians who are selling this country off need to be thrown into the gallows - they all are unfit to rule this country now or ever.

Its a very sad day for Pakistan, such blatant misuse of our country definitely does little to help the confidence-building measures by the Americans in trying to solve the War on Terror – I can assure that this move will inspire more hatred against America, and more support for terroristic activities against America, little should be of concern for the Talibans holed up in NWFP, America will now have to contend with an angered Pakistani nation as a whole.

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Another version published around the same time:

False version of Raymond Davis story posted on CNN
March 17, 2011
I had heard the term “the world of CNN” once but I was not very clear what it actually meant. Just recently, I came across a story headlined as “Records: ‘Blood money’ paid to kin of Pakistanis killed by U.S. man” on CNN and it made me understand what the term actually meant.

It meant that CNN can and does publishes stories the way they want to tell the story, ignoring real facts and other important figures.
For instance; in Raymond Davis story the Big news agency did not mention what the lawyer of the killed persons had to say. The lawyer said that they did not asked for the blood money and in fact his candidates were forced to sign the blood money papers or they will face serious consequences.

Secondly, the CNN forget to mention that US govt including Obama administration pressurized Pakistan like anything to release this murderer. This pressure also resulted in removal of Pakistan’s ministers from there jobs. Fauzia Wahab was a minister and her comments against Raymond Davis got her lose job.

Third, the family of the murdered men by Raymond Davis has stated that they were forced and blackmailed to sign the bloodmoney documents.

Fourth, the US govt and Raymond Davis was previously insisting that he had the rights of a diplomat in Pakistan but later he could not prove them and thus the US used this method to release Raymond (the made up the blood money story).

Fifth, if the family had to forgive Raymond Davis then why one of the murdered men’s wife committed suicide in search of justice. One can find the last words of that women on utube.

The wife of the murdered man Fahim is saying that “I have came to know that he is having support to get released therefore I took this step because I want Justice. I want him dead the way he killed my Husband. The way he killed my husband with bullets, I want bullets in his body the same way.”
Then how can they say that the family forgave him and took blood money.

I can put man other points here but due to some reservations, im not doing so.

Anyway, I hope now you understand what the world of CNN means.
Please let us know what you have to say bout this story in comments section below.

And here's yet one more related item posted around the same time...

Is Raymond Davis a More Superior Being Than Aafia Siddiqui?
Author: adnan khalid

Published: March 16, 2011 at 5:27 pm
Share17 On February 3, 2010, a Pakistani - Aafia Siddiqui - was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder, armed assault, using and carrying a firearm, and three counts of assault on U.S. officers and employees. Siddiqui was sentenced to 86 years in prison (effectively a life sentence) by the federal judge Berman in Manhattan on September 23, 2010. She is a Ph.D and an MIT graduate. She was reported as being a polite, not unusually religious, non-assertive woman by her fellows at MIT. Pakistan's government had no power and control over the U.S. in Aaafia's case and hence could do nothing to get her released.

Raymond Davis is a staff member of the U.S. consulate in Lahore. He shot dead two Pakistani men on Thursday the 27th of January 2011, in a crowded part of Lahore (Mozang Chowk.) A vehicle of the U.S. consulate rushed to Mr Davis’ ‘rescue’ ran over a third person, who also died. A murder case was registered against Raymond Davis, who was handed into police custody. Raymond Davis was released by Punjab officials on 16th March 2011 after a reported deal was negotiated with the families of the two men he was accused of murdering. Davis was scheduled to be indicted for murder charges on the same date.

Pakistani Security forces picked up the victims' families last night. A payment estimated at $2 million was made to secure the release. The families are still in police custody. Davis is now at an undisclosed location, rumored to be Bagram Air Force Base in Kabul. "Blood money" was given to the families who now have denied that they had agreed to the deal. One of the family members told the media in Pakistan; "Family members were told they were being taken to the police station to make statements. Instead, they were taken to a secret location and held in isolation and told that unless they signed a letter pardoning Davis, 'you will never see daylight'."

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Article Author: adnan khalid
I am a Movie Reviewer, poet, a bookseller and a teacher. But I take pride in being a human being.

Post Comment by Majid Nasim Ahmad

Today, the Foreign Office of Pakistan gave a piece of its own mind to America concerning the drone attack that occurred in Datta Khel area of North Waziristan that killed 44 innocent people. The army and the political leaders all are angry with America and Pakistan has decided not to attend the meeting between America, Pakistan and Afghanistan in Brussels on 26th March. This was the perfect time to show the Pakistanis' anger against America for Aafia Siddiqui's continued illegal detention in Carswell Prison in the US, but the Foreign Office wasted this valuable opportunity and didn't mention anything to Cameron Munter that Pakistan wants its "daughter of the nation", Aafia Siddiqui, back. Please, government of Pakistan, do something for Aafia Siddiqui, before it's too late. Altaf Hussain said that he and the Pakistani people are willing to pay the same amount of diyat to America to secure Aafia Siddiqui's release that was paid to free Raymond Davis, even though she is innocent and he was guilty. So, why doesn't the government of Pakistan take up this issue with the US?

Unrelated yet also just posted on the same blogsite, Teeth Maestro mentioned above. This is a terribly sad post and photo...showing how violence in protests are self-defeating. Not just Shia to other groups but ANY group to another. We've seen plenty of Sunni violence to Shia groups as well - Iraq and other places. And of course, topping many events as among the worst in generating and continuing violence is sadly my own nation, the US.

How can we find alternatives to violence? We must do so to provide another legacy for our children.

By the way, the blogger at Teeth Maestro later said that he'd received various versions of the Bahrain violence toward Pakistanis as well. Sounds like various groups of Pakistanis are being attacked at random IN BAHRAIN regardless of whether Shia or Sunni or another background.


Pakistani begging for mercy before being executed

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