Saturday, March 5, 2011

Xe and the Raymond Davis Case


"Raymond Davis" shot dead two Pakistanis in a highly controversial case -

Called by US officials a "diplomat", Davis' legal clearance to travel in Pakistan
was only attempted AFTER the crime.

Authorities have found evidence he's likely to have been working for Xe or Blackwater
(among other possible connections) -

Many Pakistanis have reason to believe that Davis has been involved in highly dangerous and sensitive operations not cleared by the appropriate Pakistan officials nor agreed to by the Pakistani people they represent. As far as complicity by the US public at large, there is almost no awareness by anyone I speak with about the Raymond Davis case. Like many other events and people who represent Americans, the knowledge of such is more and more lacking in transparency and being effectively kept out of congress and media by a numbed out nation.

The actions in response to this incident - on the part of Americans has been the demand to remove Davis from Pakistan immediately. With talk out of both sides of the mouth, US officials have exchanged so-called facts for other so-called facts - none of which have been weighed and found accurate by any standard except the officials which want Davis "out of there" and in a hurry. In the meantime, Davis apparently shows no humility nor respect toward Pakistani cultures, rules or religion - yet continues to demand exceptional treatment from Pakistani authorities as if he's the "big man on the block" even after he's the perpetrator of these recent problems abroad. The OpEd above and the one below highlight and underline a number of the reasons such acts of disregard and self-serving patronizing can no longer be dismissed nor occur in a vacuum.

Among the singular points which strike me as keen recent examples of these warnings:

Upon what basis would the Pakistani people and the officials who've been elected to represent them trust such pressures? What about the international conventions agreed to by the two nations? What about clear rule of law? And how could the people of Pakistan be expected they trust a US system - which has so unreasonably locked up Aafia ("the Daughter of the Nation") be trusted to be equitably just in the "Davis" case?

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END NOTES by Connie L. Nash

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