Friday, March 16, 2012

ACTION: Petition on behalf of Yemeni Journalist

the double-photo found on Glenn Greenwald - column for March 14, 2012

Sign easy/quick petitions here: or CLICK: here Plz blog and disseminate both plain and easy to access URL. Watch for other such petitions & urge personal letters to the White House of all kinds. This one act is precious by itself for this one brave journalist -- yet such an action is even greater as this is a trend we must address and end. (To jail, intimidate, isolate and imprison journalists who are merely doing their work and doing it well -- how can we let this continue? Just look back a little ways in history. We must not let history to repeat itself in ever larger circles of injustice.)

Send out this CALL to Release Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye

The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill and others have been recently offering a corroborated and detailed account of how Shaye came to be in jail and why the US government is determined to keep him there:

Why are key US officials keeping a journalist in prison in Yemen?

This ACTION will only take a few moments of your precious time -- GO to pass it on...See petition for Release Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye. Join the movement! Sign now!

Also see Iona Craig's site (Anyone who follows this blog will know I've been bleating on about the imprisonment of Yemeni journalist Abdul Elah Haider Shaye for some time. Iona Craig)

See related items in post just below for even more information.

Plz add your own comments -- send emails letters to WH or
place a call to the President Pronto (keep calling until you get a REAL voice) we need more people underlining this special need soon!

Let's keep reminding our officials about their worldwide, national and personal legacy. We have to use our creativity, intuition, expertise, love of peace and personal pens to "Hit HOME" to our own officials. Our children need us to do this for them and as an example to them.

KEEP watching Amnesty International and Amnesty I/USA because this is the kind of work, letters, corroborated files and petititions they do 24/7 and get on board.

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