Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Path of Forgiveness is Best...

Bangladesh Native (And American Citizen) Rais Bhuiyan continues to keep FORGIVENESS central in his work, talks, interviews and movement/site: World Without Hate dot org.

I keep returning to this particular article:

Forgiveness Is Subject Of Play Written By Glastonbury Teacher
January 06, 2012|By KATHLEEN MEGAN,,
The Hartford Courant GLASTONBURY

Annie Renaud had a very important question for Rais Bhuiyan during a fourth-period class Friday at Glastonbury High School."Do you think there is any crime that is unforgivable?" Annie, a freshman, asked.

"Well —" Bhuiyan responded, pausing. "On a regular basis, we ask God, 'Please forgive me.' Why you cannot pass it to others? …There is nothing you can't forgive, if I can forgive my attacker who tried to end my life. It's just a matter of practice."

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  1. I would like here to open up a little discussion:

    How is God/Allah/The Divine PRESENT to you?

    Does this ever include a quiet voice or louder request from "somewhere unexpected" to forgive?

    When might encouragement to forgive simply be too soon?

    When is it best for those who mean well (other than perhaps those who've been similarly attacked in some way) to never bring up forgiveness to others?

    What have you learned about forgiveness you'd like to share?

    What questions might you be silently holding insides regarding forgiveness?

    THANX so much for coming by.

    Other than the topic of forgiveness, I plan to be mostly quiet here on this site.