Friday, February 10, 2012

UPDATE 23 Feb -- Brief Comments Re: Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Appeal

GO here to follow the ongoing work to bring attention worldwide to this case.

Further Update Saturday 2:01 PM ET 2012

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Be sure to watch the official family (of Dr. Aafia siddiqui) website at Free Aafia dot org

Some brief media is coming in late Friday night to early Saturday am ET 2:09 a:

The Nation Pk here and International Justice Network here

World GO to
to see this excerpt in context:

"...Back in Pakistan, people are perturbed by her plight and have been protesting on the streets urging the government to secure her release. Her capture and subsequent trial is rightly seen as a classic example of ‘extraordinary rendition’- a tool with which the US has been secretly picking up alleged terror suspects. Even forensic investigations have revealed that the gun she is accused of handling, did not have her fingerprints. The charge that she was an Al-Qaeda sympathiser does not hold water. The case was attached undue hype by the US government demonising a convenient capture and tapping into fears of the American public concerning terrorist activities. The subsequent sentence of 86 years has made a travesty of the American judicial system..."
Note mid-Friday:

There is the same pattern going on as in Dr. Aafia's trial among journalists/headlines...the superficial habit of merely copying much of the last persons work or using the various "wires" for a model-- whether by using the same article, the same title and/or the same terminology.

In the case today, the same misleading description of Aafia is being circulated with a very similar it's been somehow arranged ahead...Hmmn...the reader surely must ask...what' going on? Are the journalists merely robots?

There is no information available yet which can prove that Aafia actually shot the US Soldiers...yet the implication is here that she was the instigator -- look into the facts to find the opposite...

Here is an example of the only mainstream headlines -- news available on the mainstream at the moment:

Court Hears Appeal For Pakistani Scientist Who Shot At U.S. Soldiers CBS New York - 2 hours ago

Court hears appeal for woman who shot at US troops Associated... - 5 hours ago

NY court hears appeal for Pakistani scientist who shot at US troops in Afghanistan Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - 6 hours ago


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