Monday, February 13, 2012

From a Prayer by Allama Iqbal

These lines are from "The Secrets of the Self" XVIII An invocation.

O THOU that art as the soul in the body of the universe,
Thou art our soul and thou are ever fleeing from us.
Thou breathest music into Life's lute...
Once more let us hear thy call to honour,
Strengthen our weak love...

Give us the sleepless eye
and the passionate heart,
Give us again the nature of quicksilver...

Burn with our fire all that is not God!

When the people let the clue of Unity go from their hands,
They fell into a hundred mazes.

We are dispersed like stars in the world;
Though of the same family, we are strange to one another...


"I stand under the starry sky and feel the world creeping in and out of my coat as in an ant-hill". from Swedish Poet Tomas Stranstromer (see more of his work under post for February 14 above on this site)

* Star Painting by Laura Rispoli

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