Thursday, February 2, 2012

Citizens for Diplomacy with Iran

It is critical that President Obama take concrete steps to set a new tone with Iran...

These steps should include:

- Pursuing wide-ranging, direct negotiations without preconditions with Iran.

- Refraining from hostile rhetoric and saber-rattling with Iran.

- Announcing that the US does not threaten regime change in Iran.

For years America's relationship with Iran has been defined by fear, and the Bush presidency set us on a course towards military confrontation. Unfortunately, the Bush approach of isolation and aggression still has powerful supporters, several of whom are advisors to President Obama. Change will not come easily....

(We need to get) average Americans involved in Citizen Diplomacy, to help shape the American conversation about a more hopeful exchange with Iran. To counteract the fear, we are showing how much Americans and Iranians have in common, including a shared desire for peace.

From the ground up, we (must) remind our political leaders that we can't afford a military confrontation with Iran, and that Americans need a more constructive relationship with Iran to solve our common problems, including stabilizing Iraq and making progress towards a nuclear weapons free world.

Iran: Congress Must Prevent a New War
Despite the Bush administration’s repeated insistence that they are not planning to invade Iran, they have not pursued the serious diplomatic negotiations needed to resolve conflict between the two governments. In fact, the administration (and Congress) keeps taking actions that are likely to inflame tensions with Iran.

Write to your representative asking for concrete Congressional action to prevent another war.

Iran: Take Action for Proactive Diplomacy with Iran
Even after the November elections, voices both within and outside the administration have continued pushing for a military strike on Iran. It is critical that Congress call for forceful diplomatic action now.

Speak out now in support forceful and proactive diplomacy.

Send a letter to your representative.

Keep Speaking Up Against Military Attacks on Iran

(Plz see PeaceAction; FCNL; World Cant Wait)

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