Monday, February 13, 2012

Healing Hearts on Valentine's Day

"Love is just a matter of practice."

Annie Renaud had a very important question for Rais Bhuiyan during a fourth-period class Friday at Glastonbury High School."Do you think there is any crime that is unforgivable?" Annie, a freshman, asked.

"Well —" Bhuiyan responded, pausing. "On a regular basis, we ask God, 'Please forgive me.' Why you cannot pass it to others? …There is nothing you can't forgive, if I can forgive my attacker who tried to end my life. It's just a matter of practice." See the full story below*** on World Without Hate.

Here's the latest By Rais Bhuiyan:

Can we make Valentine’s day a LOVE day for all? February 14th is Valentine’s Day - a day to celebrate the heart and love.

Some of us will give cards, flowers, chocolates, hugs and kisses (maybe virtual ones!) to our loved ones to show we care.

While we are opening our hearts, let us open that same heart to those who hurt us.
We can forgive them and reach out by email, text message, or phone call to tell them they are forgiven. And, we can ask them to forgive us. It will heal our hearts.

Can we make this LOVE DAY one of compassion and forgiveness, a love day for all?...

See more at World Without Hate here and here

*** See the full post about Rais speaking with High School Students here

From Rumi: Mature yourself and be secure from a change for the worse. Become the light. Only from the HEART Can you touch the sky.

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