Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dancing in Broken Urdu

This is about two young men on a mission to film their hero. Both the hero and the youthful perspective, humor and goodwill are both interesting and moving to me. I hope some readers here will also have a few comments and information about this topic and hero? The world is so in need of such today!

So many years later there were many who still complained and questioned, “Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?” And I was still saying, “Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you.” p.359 Mirror To The Blind

The Edhi Production Blog is a journal maintained by (the disarming and talented} Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq, two filmmakers who have set out to document the life of Abdul Sattar Edhi. This blog hopes to chronicle their journey following the elusive humanitarian and his foundation.

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These two filmakers are new to me yet I see that they suit well this blog-site and share so many of the values that are so suitable here at nomorecrusades and also at oneheartforpeace dot blogspot dot com. They and the man they have chosen -- all three demonstrate the merciful, honest depth, good humor and faith we may be joyfully surprised if we find to this degree. Yet we may find this kind of light more often than expected if we PAY ATTENTION. Connie

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Terms for you and I to learn.

ghoomshuda – گم شدہ
someone who ran away or went missing

lawaaris – “ ﻻوارس
one who has no family; completely alone

Cartoon – کارٹون
the name a lawaaris ghoomshuda gave himself because he didn’t know his own

bat-ball - بيٹ بال
not really baseball, not really cricket. played in the large field at the Edhi Village by Cartoon and his friends

ithwar – اِتوار
Sunday; day of the week when Edhi-sahib and his family visit the Edhi Village

abba – ابّا
what Cartoon and other lawaaris boys at the Edhi Village call Abdul Sattar Edhi; father

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