Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maher Arar Needs Our Global Action Now!

Maher Arar: Obama Admin stands with Bush officials! Plz take action...


Following is from the Center for Constitutional Rights:

Please see our case page for more legal information and to watch CCR Senior Staff Attorney and Mr. Arar's lawyer Maria LaHood explain the background of the case and what is at stake with our petition to the Supreme Court. here

Register your dismay with President Obama and demand that his administration take five specifics steps towards justice for Maher Arar. (See the Link above)

Please stay tuned for more developments in this critical case. Thank you for taking action.

Yours truly,

Annette Dickerson
Director of Education and Outreach

Center for Constitutional Rights
666 Broadway 7th floor NY, NY 10012

This nomorecrusades dot blogspot dot com is my Rights & History Site which I've kept small for some time but am making the oneheartforpeace dot blogspot dot com much more inter-cultural, inter-ethics/faith and seeking out the more positive/youth friendly items there...

Today, however, this same Action item is there for wider attention to the case of Maher Arar - Also scroll below here to related items on the SPAIN prosecutors case against US agents (this time connected to my state, NC) and more on the torture sites in Bagram...

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