Sunday, May 9, 2010

We Must Watch the Headlines and Read Deeper...

Plz read the following:


At the VERY least, we must ask even if such events turn out as we are told they are by US authorities, WHY is America abandoning their promises for a true constitution and a true democratic government, leaving arrests and detainees "innocent" in the public minds unless and until PROVEN guilty?

And why aren't we holding accountable those who's crimes are all the greater because they are speaking "for the people" and yet continuing to ignore promises to the Geneva Accords and other International treaties? That's us folk--aren't we STILL "the people"?

Plz also go to the following sites and sources of information which are doing just this -- digging deeper and not allowing themselves to be spoon-fed nor easily pacified by false security:

The Nation dot com USA (Especially items by Jeremy Scahill

Information Clearing House USA

About Aafia Blog Pakistan

Jang Pakistan

Counter Currents USA

Watch for more to be added

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