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Former US Army Captain James Yusuf Yee

'Ghosts' of Guantanamo Bay
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When Former US Army Captain James Yusuf Yee objected to the systemic and sanctioned mistreatment of detainees at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, the very government he served turned on him. Here, the prison camp’s former chaplain spoke to The Paper That Cares about his ordeal and his now relentless pursuit to educate the world about Islam

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UPHOLDING TRADITION: Yee comes from a family of military servicemen

WHEN Chinese-American Captain James Yusuf Yee was assigned in November 2002 to be the Muslim chaplain at the now infamous Guantanamo Bay US military prison camp for 'alleged terrorists', he thought his job was to give a better understanding to his supervisors about Islam and its practices, in order for his commanders to better treat the prisoners.

Little did he know that it was the start of a journey which would expose the prisoner abuses in the camp, also known as 'Gitmo', located on the south eastern corner of Cuba.

"My job was to defend religious freedom, religious rights and to advocate for religious accommodation," said Yee, in a one-on-one interview with The Malay Mail after a visit to the Home of Hope, a shelter for orphans, underprivileged children, single mothers and the elderly that is run by Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem, a non-governmental organisation.

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  2. CPT Yee became confused as to his loyalties, as did Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan at Ft. Hood last November. His job was to minister to Muslim and other soldiers and detainees, not to be a crusaider. Learn more at: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/SavingGraceAtGuantanamoBay.html

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  4. Montgomery: Was he REALLY a crusader? Do you have corroboration beyond your own work?

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