Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RE: Extraordinary Rendition: OPed on finding common ground

Christina Cowger's Opinion Piece written soon after the "Weaving a Net of Accountability" conference and now publicly more available

The "WEAVING a Net of Accountability" conference on North Carolina ’s role in US torture and extraordinary rendition was a few weeks ago and has left it's crucial mark and challenged many more of us to find a way to seek peace and reconciliation while we also expose war crimes. More more Plz GO to accountabilityfortorturenc dot org

An electronic link to Christina's oped: here

A special gratitude to Christina, Robin, Josh, an amazingly well-informed and professional panel of law students, Ed Horgan of Shannon Watch Ireland, Scott Horton, the well-told stories and sources of info from Kinston, ACLU NC and many others leaders and nuts/bolts persons participating in this unusually well-organized, informative and well-presented conference!

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