Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why do MEN (or Americans/Israelis) Love War?

GO here to See PHOTOS Capturing Conflict - view some of the highlights - er low-lights of The history of war, as told through iconic photographs...also at Newsweek see Book Excerpt: ‘The War Lovers’ by Evan Thomas and more War Stories coverage (Strange that Newsweek would wait so late to question our US involvement in wars and occupations before and since 911 and that they have supported war by their own investments. (GE for one example.) Also take a look at Chris Hedges who has written plenty to ask ourselves why are we (or men?) so committed to war?

NOTE: I found this item above first today at Veterans Today dot com - a surprising site with plenty to say about many headlines today (See the Top 10 - for example) - plz take a look at what Duff has also said regarding the outrageous events surrounding Dr. Aafia Siddiqui - in fact - STILL keeping her imprisoned, perhaps for life? (With a child still missing and the other two kidnapped children scarred of course - for life)...

Even if just a small fraction of what these very experienced, highly active, outspoken guys are saying pans out 100%, how can we ignore them given what we know by now from even our most recent history? (For some parallels, look up Prof. Alfred McCoy's work and see various items on Rabbis for Human Rights to find corroborated items from among the Jewish/Israeli rank.)

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